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First year behind!

I started this blog on 2.12.2016 so today it´s been running for a year and a day and this is my 49th text so far. Initially I wrote in Finnish but changed to English to reach wider audience. I my first ever posting I set myself three goals:
  1. builf myself a playable high elf army 
  2. play some 3rd ed WFB with it and 
  3. blog about the aforementioned things
I feel that I´ve succeeded with all three. My high elf force is certainly playable as I´ve had three matches with it so far. And I´ve been pretty active with this blog I think.

Quite a lot of elves have been painted during a year. I really haven´t counted them but there a several dozens. My personal favorites are the baggage train and the ship company.

The baggage train was really fun to put together. It took me ages to get the suiteble minis as there are not that many choises available for elf civilians. But I´m very pleased with the result. Especially happy I´m with the painter and his model.

This is the ship company. The unit has a fixed size of ten models which limits it´s usefulness on gaming table but I like it in any case. Rank and file are Citadel ME-32 Noldor deep elf variants. The musician and standard bearer are conversions using bits from 90´s high elf archers and dragon princes. Well armed and armored they look like marines from an elven warship.

After six months of blogging I had 2849 views and 5 followers. At that point I set myself a goal of 10000 views and 10 followers by this day. Today I have just below 9000 views and 12 followers so one of those goals was met while the other was not.

The most popular posting so far has been this battle report of a game between my elves and some dwarves. My favorite posting is the Baggage train compendium as I´ve become a big fan of that area of WFB Oldhammering.

What next? This year is ending soon so I´ll set my sights for year 2017. So during next year I want to play at least as many games of WFB as I did this year (3). I have an elf chariot that I want to complete. And I´ll paint enough greenskins for a 1500 points O&G force. And I´ll continue blogging about my oldhammer activities.

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