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Baggage train compendium

As mentioned in an earlier posting baggage trains bring a lot of realism to a WFB army. Using the WFB: Armies lists as a guideline there are nine armies that can include a baggage train to their composition. For this posting I´ve done some googling and tried to find sites about the baggage trains people have used for each of those armies. I hope that wargamers who concider getting a group of camp followers and carts can get inspirations out of these.

I´ve only included sites with pictures and therefore these is more stuff for some armies than others. Some are just single pictures among other material so please scroll down if you don´t see what you were looking for right away.

26.10.2016 - Added a pic and couple of links to Dark elf part
6.12.2016 - Added a pic and a link to Dwarf part

High elf

For high elves I´m going to have use my own army as an example as I was unable to find any other pictures of a high elf baggage train. The reason might be that high elves are one of the rarest if not the rarest 3rd edition WFB armies around.

A cart and five camp follower. Enough for a 1000 point army.
I´m  going to expand this with another cart and more civilians
to make it suitable for 2000 points.

Elf lady and some supplies. 

A minstrel and a reading elf woman.


Mouse, the author of the Tales From the Big Board blog has created a very atmospheric baggae train for his chaos army. You can see it here and here. I really like the way Mouse has connected some of the minis with the art of Albrecht Durer and Pieter Bruegel. It´s a very oldhammer chaos entirety.

And be sure to check out this thread for inspirational material. So many cool ideas.

Both Carnival of Chaos Plague Cart and Cabaret of Chaos Pleasure (and Pain) Wagon would fit any Nurgle or Slaanesh army.

The lost and the very damned blog has this chaos warband with some civilian followers.
edit. After publishing found this chaos baggage train from Hammer & Banner blog.

There is very little to be found directly connected to bretonnian baggage trains. Google brough up just this one page that has a nice scratch build wagon for a bretonnian army.

This baggage train is for Saga but it uses old bretonnian trebuchet crew minis and has a very bretonnian spirit in it as a whole. They really look like scruffy peasant following on the trails of the army itself.

And another one for Saga that would go well with bretonnia or empire.

Marauder miniatures´ MM62 Citizens range has a lot of nice models for bretonnian (or empire) camp followers.

Chris´ miniature woes presents a wide range of painted Dark age/Fantasy villagers that could be used both for bretonnia and empire.

Xin´s lair has these painted Gripping Beast civilians that would fit any human baggage train.

Paul´s Pods has this huge Medieval army with a large baggage train.

Dark elf

So far I have not been able to find a single picture of a dark elf baggage train - painted or unpainted. Any link would be appreciated.

Update 26.10.2016
Dieselmonkey sent a couple of pictures of his WIP dark elf baggage train to Oldhammer forum and gave me permission to publish them here. Here´s the group photo. 

Check out rest of the pictures here. And Dieselmonkeys wonderful dark elf force here.


I don´t think there´s model that says dwarf baggage train better than Bugman´s cart. There are many dwarf baggage trains to be found around the internet. Perhaps it´s because there are quite a lot of suitable models for camp followers for a dwarf army.

Here´s one project with a bear drawn beer wagon.

Another fine example at the stuff of legends site.

Cookie's Chuck Wagon from the Tales From the Big Board blog. And the same baggage train with 2nd cart and more camp followers.

A dwarf baggage train can been seen in this battle report.

Jon´s wargames minis has a Battle for skull pass wagon as a center piece for a baggage train.

This tired dwarf on a pony would go nicely with Bugman´s cart.

 This baggage train is by Thomas Foss. Be sure to visit his blog.


Citadel has produced a set for empire baggage train. Here´s a painted example of one.

The hoodling hole blog has a supply wagon acting as a unit filled in a halberdier unit. It has a very empire feel in it.

This forum thread is mostly about dwarves but scrolling down you can find a nice example of a painted empire wagon and camp followers.

My opinion is that most of the models presented in the bretonnia part would work perfectly for empire with a different paint job. Little less shabbyness and little more uniformity and there you have your empire civilians.

Orcs & goblins

Captives, slaver, drunks - Oldenhammer in Toronto blog has it all. This orc baggage train really captures the spirit of orc baggage train.

Another fine example - bear wagon, drunks, severed head. Sword & Dorkery blog brings you very orky set.

And once again we go to Tales From the Big Board blog for Flo's Field Kitchen and JackJaw's Junkwagon. Just wonderful stuff!

edit. A super cool additions from Hammer & Banner blog here, here and here.


Goblin Lee´s huge slann army has a baggage train that was in WIP state. Nice conversions of both slann and lobotomized human slaves. As Lee states they really bring character and completeness to his army.

Note that slann baggage trains do not include wagons but have twice the number of camp followers than other armies.

Wood elf

Last but not least we have wood elves and the Oldenhammer in Toronto blog that got me into this baggaga train thing. Using pack horses instead of wagons is a good idea and fits the theme of a wood elf army better than heavy carts. Nice conversion of a javelin throwing elf warrior there.

Well, that concludes this rather long posting. I hope that you did find the links listed here useful.

Until next time!

p.s. Please let me know if there´s a dead link. Or if I´m linking to your site and you want the link removed. Or if you want me to get your site included.

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