lauantai 13. lokakuuta 2018

Orctober part II

3rd edition WFB Orcs&goblins have a pretty good access to war machines and  it´s been a shame that I haven´t have any in my army before this. For Orctober I took the bull by the horns and put some paint on one of the war machines I´ve collected over the years - an orc bolt thrower.

 These are some lightly equipped green skins for sure. Each is wearing a loin cloth and not much else. Only the spotted had a side arm while the two other seem to carry just the bolts.

A telescope is a pretty high tech piece of equipment for orcs in my opinion but it makes a nice model out of that spotter.

I will try to complete another bolt thrower during this orctober and then I just might dig out that skull crusher that´s been waiting to be painted for too long. 

maanantai 1. lokakuuta 2018

Happy orctober aka an orc and a half

So it´s the green month again. I think I didn´t get a single green skin painted last year for orctober so this time I´m taking an early start. Just two models here and one of them isn´t completely green but Now the game is on and I´m sure I´ll be able to post more orcy things later.

The proper green skin is this bolt thrower crew orc. Very quick and simple to paint. Base colors, wash and higlights. Expect to meet the other crew members and their warmachine later this month.

Second half-orc slave for baggage train. Where his half-brother has light green skin and human eyes this chap got himself a more human toned skin but red eyes.

The two slaves together. With the first one´s chains I propably overdid the rust effect a bit and tried to go a tad easier with the second one.

And as last the Vanhaa Vasarointia orctober opening act together.

tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2018

One for the gob mob and one for the baggage train

That fast food selling goblin made me dig through one of the many boxes that hold my unpainted miniatures as I remembered having something that would fit the green skin baggage train. And actually found two of the shackles carrying guys. They are from the C27 Slave ogre & Half-orc handlers set. But I see them as half orc slaves doing those jobs too dirty for their pure blooded cousins.

The other model in the pictures is a C12 goblin. Just wanted to show that back in those days goblins came in many shapes and sizes. I mean he is one Big gobbo as he stands almost as tall as the half orc.

Looked for light green skin, dark hair and human eyes with that half orc. Clothes are pretty plain and dirty. The shackles he is carrying are brown-red with rust.I have another one of these models and might give him a more human skin but red goblinoid eyes.

The goblin wears studded leather armor on a mail shirt. I was not sure what that thing on his sword arm is but I imagined being a arm band of some sort.

Next in line are some elf war hounds, an orc villager or two and perhaps high elf kith. Stay tuned!