tiistai 14. tammikuuta 2020

More Space Elves

As I´m still out of Desert Yellow Spray that I need for my IG I´m painting some Space Elves instead. These are just wonderful models that are a joy to paint. Sculpts by the one and only Jes Goodwin ofcourse.

 From left to right: Eldar guardian with shuriken catapult 2, RT401 Space Elf Alesia Wildfire with flamer and las pistol, RT402 Space Elf Nael Fleetfoot with Meltagun and chainblade without banner pole.
All three are in my usual eldar red and white scheme. Armor is Mephisto red shaded with Agrax and then washed with Bloodletter glaze. Highlights were done with Wild rider red. Helmets are light gray base with Agrax shading. And then pure white in several thin layers on that. Metal parts were painted with Leadbelcher and shaded with Agrax.

tiistai 7. tammikuuta 2020

My hobby year 2019

Looking back to 2019 I seen Imperial Guard. A suprisingly large force of Imperial Guard. Even as I´ve never been a 40K guy I ended up painting more than 100 IG models.

This is how it all begun. Inspired by a desert themed Only war campaing I was playing with my mates I wanted to try how old plastic guardsmen would look like in desert uniforms.

I was pleased with the speed painting method and soon had my first tactical squad completed.

Then I sort of got carried away by IG and after completing 1st tactical platoon I knew I had to do more.

The next squad finished was these bald gentelemen of the penal battallion. Monopose with plastic arms and las guns. Not much variety there.

And as those penitents have explosive collars I needed someone to rig those. Here´s an adeptus mechanicus with his three servitors. The servitors are Confrontation tech gangers with some modernish Tau parts.
Another model that needs that adeptus mechanicus is this human bomb aka redeemed sinner. Not very politically correct model that one.
For 2nd tactical platoon I wanted some variation for heavy weapons and chose heavy bolters and multi meltas instead of normal grenade launchers and las cannons.

2nd platoon with it´s two squads and the command section.

Some support weapons were painted too:
 A tarantula
 Land speeder
 Conqueror robot with it´s squat adeptus mechanicus care taker.
A walking egg

Back to infantry:
Here´s something I´m pretty proud of. A jump pack equipped assault platoon. Well, it´s just a single squad and a command section but still counts as a platoon.

 A trio of officers.
 A commissar
 Sanctioned psyker and a servitor
 A commissar and a penitent
Commissar on a motor cycle

No old school IG force would be complete without some abhumans:
 Ratling snipers

Ogryn squad

The few fantasy models painted last year were mostly green skins:
Snots, goblins, orc

 Some Rugluds´ chaps

 Goblin chariot

Chaos goblin. My Oldhammer forum Legacy 2019 participant.

A nurglesque chaos warrior

I made a few piece of scenery too. That´s something that I haven´t done in years.

I had tha chance to play only a single game of 3rd WFB during 2019. Enjoyed it even though my green skins were soundly beaten by dwarfs.

 Orcs and goblins advance

 Bolt throwers try to provide some support

 Dwarfs in strong position

Gobbos take on hammerers - and eventually lose

These guys were the ones to start 2019. By that time my blog had 50000 hits.
Proto guardian, champion, heavy weapon

When this space elf ended the year there were circa 68000 hits. For a mediocre painter and blogger 18000 hits / year is pretty good imo.

So all together circa 130 models painted, five pieces of scenery done and a single game of WFB played. Not a bad year.

perjantai 3. tammikuuta 2020

The very first of 2020

As I finished 2019 with an eldar I felt it would be appropriate to start the new year with an another space elf. So my first model to be finished in 2020 is this Eldar Champion.

Bareheaded he has an eye implant of some sort. For weaponry he wields a hand flamer and a power fist. His stance is a bit stiff but I like the model anyway.

Lassitae Starfi, the Space Elf Champion. Sculpted by Jes Goodwin.