lauantai 4. huhtikuuta 2020

Contrasty Scarlocs´ Archers

It sure has been a while since I worked on fantasy elves. As you know it´s been all eldar and IG as of lately. But I´ve had these Scarlocs´ archers sitting around in their original box since late 80´s and finally with arrival of those contrast paints I got myself together to actually throw some color on them.

So it´s only ten models now and that leader is not Scarloc himself but an ancient Legolas from a Lord of the Rings box I bought back in the days. Far from the best Scarlocs´ you´ll see around but I´m pleased with them as I wanted to test how fast I can make table top ready models with those contrasts. I wouldn´t hesitate pushing these around on a battle field.

Not going to set myself any deadlines here but I think I´ll have a beginning of a wood elf force here. It´s just 20 more archers and a general to meet the 3rd edition minimas. We´ll see what happens as I have a couple of other project going on too.

 All completed models so far. Some shields are still missing. Will add them later.

A closer look at some of the troopers and the standard.

I general I´m really happy with the way those contrasts work for this kind of mass painting. The result is just good enough for gaming and you can make units quite fast compared to regular paints. Just sprayed base on a few more Scarlocs´, a wardancer and a couple of other elves.

perjantai 27. maaliskuuta 2020

Carried away by Brood Brothers

It happened again. Painted something and got sucked into paiting more of the same stuff. This time it was Genestealer Cult Brood Brothers. After finishing my Legacy Coven 2020 model I noticed I still had some Olley guardmen that I was not going to include to my IG force. And from the WD116 Genestealer list I learned that a Slaanesh worshipping brood brother band is just six models strong. So why not. Plus I wanted to experiment a little with the contrast paints I had bought but not used that much.

I wanted to honor this color scheme from WD116. The same issue also holds the genestealer cult army list. 
 The six brood brothers. Three Olleys, Two metal bodied IG troopers with plastics arms and a penitent.
White contrast paint base. Black Templar shoes/boots, Magos Purple jumpsuits, Nazdreg Yellow armor, Guilliman Flesh face + hands and Leadbelcher for metal parts. Some added shading with Agrax and that´s it.

Very fast and slaaneshian enough for me. Six models in less than 24h is a good pace for me. In my opinion contrasts worked really nice for this kind of paint job. I can imagine myself building a small cult army painted with contrasts.

 Slaanesh workshippers cost 40 points/six model band. Brood brothers are affected by frenzy but are immune to other psychological effects.

Perhaps a beastmen band next then...

tiistai 24. maaliskuuta 2020

Legacy Coven 2020 entrant

As this years Lagacy Project we are building a genestealer coven over at Oldhammer Forum. Check out this thread and sign in if interested. You can find the threads about 2017 and 2019 project by clicking those two banners in the right hand side side bar.

My participant will be this simple brood brother. Touched by Slaanesh he was born with pupilless eyes, pale skin and purple hair. Fearing the inquisition his parents left him to die but the baby was found by a member of a genestealer cult.  Regarded sacred because of his coloring the baby was adopted into the coven and raised to be a warrior. Grown up now he fights side by side with his new family.

As you can see he´s a Bob Olley Guardsman with a beaky marine bolt gun. This
years spot colorfor project is green and I gave him green jump suit and body armor.

Belt and pouches are simple leather with some metal details. Shoulder pads and
boots are black with greenish grey highlights.