lauantai 17. marraskuuta 2018

Eldar kill team?

I feel a bit confused. Lately I´ve been mostly painting RT era eldar and I´ve never been a 40k guy. I´ve had some eldar lurking around in one of the many boxes where I keep my models. And only now have I found courage to paint them. The younger me back in the days never dared to try my humble painting skills with these. Now I´m not that critical on myself anymore I actually find these a joy to paint. I don´t know if this bunch really can be called a kill team as I don´t have the game and have never played it. Anyway - here they are: all five infantry and a robot.

The whole team with it´s current members. 

From a bit different angle.

 The warlock.

A proto-guardian trooper.

Support weapon operator. Needs that support weapon. 


I think I have models for two squads, two heavy support weapons, a dreadnought and a war Walker. That is propably a bit too much for a kill team but enough for a narrative battle of some sort. What I´m missing is a musician or two. Anyone?

maanantai 12. marraskuuta 2018

Falconer Standard

In between painting space elves I found some inspiration to finish this small conversion job I´ve had on my table for some time now. As you see it´s a classic Jes Goodwin Elf Wardancer. And the conversion part is just the backbag with standard pole attached to his back. That part came from Elf cavalry Elf6 - mounted elf personalities range ramage pieces and is called eagle standard there. Plannig on using this model as a standard bearer in a unit of falconers. But he can double as a wardancer too.

The banner itself unfortunately brings points out my lackings as a painter. Can´t do pretty much anything free hand. Luckily I did found that eagle transfer that helps a lot.

Same guy from behind. I put the same transfer on his shield too. And here the backbag standard combination is visible.

I think every hunter needs a hunting hound too. And that´s one big doggie if you compare it to the elf.

Not setting any clear goals for myself but I think I´ll start putting together a wood elf force. Will propable aim for something like 1000 points first. And will make sure the army includes falconers, animal handlers and eventually shape changers too.

perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2018

Something different

Orctober is over and it´s gnovember time. But I´ve not started this month with gnomes but something that I´ve never painted before - RT era Eldar. I´ve had these models for some time now but I finally found myself the inspiration to do something about them. Here are the first two that I´ve completed.

RT401 Space elf and a spirit warrior (eldar war robot).

 From a bit different angle showing spirit warrior´s power glove with shuriken catapult.

 Note the crossbow-like shuriken catapult.

My favorite part of this model is the pointy helmet hanging on his back.

I think I´ll set myself to paint a kill team of a sort. I do have a few eldar models there but I´m going to need so more infantry to make it a decent sized team.