tiistai 22. syyskuuta 2020

Big White Bull and his smaller cousin

Suffering from something of a painters block I´ve completed only two models in the last couple of weeks. To be honest I´ve painted a few more minis but been se unsatisfied with them that they´ve been thrown into paint removal pot right away. Hoping to get my mojo back soon with Orctober starting in a few days.

The big bull is a Citadel C25 Minotaus (M1-11) and goes by the name of Gromb in the catalogue. White contrast spray for base. Furry parts are Voluptuous Pink highlighted with white. Skin is Apothechary White. Again highlighted with regular white. Horns and hooves were painted with Iyanden Yellow and highlighted with mixture of that and regular white.
The beastman is another Slaangor from the Realm of Chaos 0220 Beastmen range. This one is 02201and sculpted by Jes Goodwin as the rests of the that range too. His/her skin is Shyish Purple, hair Camo Green and horns Iyanden Yellow. All the highlight were done by adding regular white to base coat contrast paint to get that oldschool pastel look. Black is Black Templar straight out of bottle. Based on a round slotta base as I´m going to use this one with my Rogue Trader era GS Cult Army.

lauantai 5. syyskuuta 2020

Couple of Chaos Beastmasters

 As those who have followed this blog know I´m a fan of animal handlers and have posted about them in several occasions: here, here and here. This posting can be seen as a follow up to the bigger article about the Chaos Beastmasters I wrote in 2017.

The two handlers. The one on the left is a Citadel produced one in heavy armor wielding some soft of warhammer or pick perhaps. That helmet/head piece was a tricky one but I chose to paint the lower half of the face as a part of the armor. A neck and chin guard perhaps. For the reast of the helmet I gave a bony look with metal reinforced sockets for those horns. Darkish brown hair is flowing from underneath the helmet. Armor is pastel violet with some metal details.

That guy with a pink whip is a Marauder Miniatures Beastmaster. Violet armor and pink details tie the two models together as does the small bone detail on his whip. Leather parts of his gear are all black. The over all look is Slaaneshian enough without going to extremities.

The more I look at the painted models the less they resemble the stat line and equipment given for beastmasters in 3rd edition Army book. That is a beastman line and the models look like Marauders or Chaos warriors. But as their faces don´t show - well they could be anything. I´m not gonna loose my sleep over this detail. 

The chaos hounds they will be leading can be found here.

torstai 20. elokuuta 2020

Basing, rebasing and re-rebasing

 So I painted a Marauder MM42 Minotaur and based him on a 40x40 base as he comes with that round stud instead of a regular slotta tab. Then, looking for more minos on ebay, I saw old Citadel ones (C25s) with a slotta tab and started to wonder if my choise of a base was false a one. I checked the 3rd edition rule book and behold, 25x25 square base. So I gently removed the 40x40 and put the model on a smaller base. A couple of days after that I was looking for something in the WFB: Armies book and there the base size for minos was indeed 40x40. Discussed the matter on Facebook and ended re-rebasing the model back on the original base. Should do ones homework before acting...

So this is how he originally was and again is. After being on 25x25 for a few days.

Skin is very heavily thinned Shyish Purple, hairy parts Volupus Pink, horns Iyanden Yellow and leather parts Black Templar. Metals are regular paints and highlights were mostly painted with a mix of contrast paint and regular white.

I think I actually liked the way he looked on this 25x25. But it could get pretty hard to get a unit of minos to rank up.