tiistai 30. kesäkuuta 2020

The mutants

With the completion of the last two models Genestealer Cult army´s Mutant band is now ready. Imperial guard bodies with CP models and other parts for mutations.

Left to right: 
Spidey, Kurt, Penquin, Joker, Thirty-Thirty and Glarogo

 Spidey is a cross breed with spider who has a tentacle in place of his left arm.
All made by CP models.
Kurt has albinism, tail and horns. Tail by CP models. Horns from a cold one.

 Penguin has been blessed with tentacles and an alien head. 
All his mutation parts are CP models.
Joker has claws and discolored skin and hair. Head from CP models.
Claws came from a 5th ed. dark elf cold one.

Thirty-thirty walks on very long (horse) legs and has a bony crest on his head.
Legs taken from 4th ed. elf horse. Crested head by CP models.
Glarogo´s two head and tentacle are by CP models. His two left arms
are from plastic skinks.

sunnuntai 28. kesäkuuta 2020

Two bands of beastmen for Genestealer Cult

It´s been pretty quite last two weeks on hobby front. Work, visiting parents for midsummer and son´s sports season going on full steam has quite effectively kept me away from the painting table. However today I had the chance to finish the last member of the second beastman band for my Genestealer Cult Army.

This bull headed beastman brings the second band of six to full strenght. 

And here he is with the his/her brother/sisters.

Next on the painting queue are hybrids, mutants and a patriarch. Let´s see what gets done first....

perjantai 12. kesäkuuta 2020

Mutant rabble

These sad individuals belong to the absolutely lovest caste of a Genestealer Cult Army, the mutant band. Too badly mutated to be able to remain in a normal society they found a haven of some sort with the Cult. They propably aren´t the most loyal servants of the Cult but with no other place to go they have little choise but to stay. The Cult leader knows this and will ruthlessly exploit the mutants if needed.

The two models came to me in a IG job lot. They were covered in thickish black paint and I quite a bad condition. I reckoned they would never get cleaned enough to be normal IG troopers. So they were chosen to get new life as a part of the Cult. Most of the conversion parts are from CP Models. The rest came from my bits box.

The first one has tentacle and crossbreed with a spider mutations. The second one
has been blessed with horns, albinism and scorpion tail. Both painted in the
same purple, yellow and black scheme as the rest of the cult.

Need four more to hit the sacred number.