perjantai 12. heinäkuuta 2019

Some fantasy for change

The Finnish baseball season is running at full steam right now and with my son playing I´ve been less paining and more doing spectator sports outside. And I´m giving myself a bit of a break from IG too.

I did aquire a couple of bottles of those new cotrast paints at the beginning of july and geve them a try with some orcs. I had painted some Rugluds´ before and just wanted to try and find a speed painting method for them.

 The nine models I´ve completed so far. I tried using the contrast paints for skin and leather parts at first but that really didn´t works out too well. I didn´t like the skin tone that Ork Flesh produced. And the white base coating meant that I had to repaint the armor bits black after base coating. That took time and worked agains my speed painting idea.

So after a couple of models I went back to black base coating. Metal parts are Typhus Corrosion drybrushed with Ryza Rust and Leadbelcher. Skin is Warboss Green highlighted with Skarsnik Green. Mournfang brown washed with Agrax for spear shafts and different browns for leather parts.

I tried to achieve the original idea of the equipment being looted from some ancient tomb and being in corroded shape. I´m happy with the over all result and these will be good enough for me to be played with.

Here´s a pair of wolves that I painted using those contrast paints. It´s Snakebite Leather on white base highlighted with Ushabti bone. Works well enough for me.

torstai 27. kesäkuuta 2019

2nd Tactical Platoon

As I have understood the IG was not a very popular army back in the days. And having finally completed the troop minima, four tactical squads, I can somehow understand why. I mean it´s a bit monotonic job painting those plastic guardsmen.

In any case, here´s the 2nd tactical platoon. Their platoon color is green and in stead of las cannons and grenade launchers this platoon sports heavy bolters and multi meltas. Most of the common guardsmen are plastic but there are some metal bodied ones in there too. And the command section is all metal with some very minor kit bash jobs.

The whole 2nd tactical platoon:

Command section:

 1st Squad:

2nd Squad:

 Ollay guarsman with heavy bolter:

Bravo company is now 91 models strong. It might a be a good time to present the whole force here soon.

tiistai 18. kesäkuuta 2019

First Ogryn

Among many of the things I like in the RT era Imperial Guard are the Ogryns. Big, strong and dumb -  with a child like faith in the Emperor. Ogryns come in a squads of five. Their leader - a bit smarter than the rest - is usually equipped with a ripper gun, flak armor and communicator. Normal troopers wear primitive armor and wield close combat weapons.

 Here´s the first trooper of my ogryn squad. He´s a Bob Olley sculpt and a one of the nicer ones. I think that Bob´s style really works out well with ogryns. The black armor bits, brown leather and khaki like colored head gear ties this model to the rest of my IG army.

It´s a really big model as you can see. That mace is roughly as tall as that WIP IG trooper next to the ogryn.

 300 points for leader and four troopers. That leader is quite a bad ass in close combat with those stats. And with T5 and three wounds the troopers can take some punishment too before going down.