lauantai 27. heinäkuuta 2019

RopeCon 2019 visit report

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit RopeCon in Helsinki. Ropecon is not an oldhammer happening but as there was a lot of miniatures gaming related program I wanted to go and see what people are playing and painting these days. The event lasts the whole weekend and the main day is saturday. That+s why some of the tables were still empty on friday and for example some of the painting competition participants had not submitted their works by the time I had to leave. And most of the tournaments (WH40k, 9th age, BB etc.) had not started yet.

There was a lot of RPG, miniatures gaming, board gaming and LARP related events going on. Medieval dance lessons, gaming demos, miniature painting workshop, panel discussions and LARP props workshop just to mention a few. I even saw a 17th century style drill with 5 meter larch pikes.

I concentrated on miniatures gaming tables and related stuff. Here´s some pictures I took during the afternoon I spent at the RopeCon 2019.

Epic: Armageddon demo table armies:

Massive fleets on Battlefleet Gothic table:

A beautiful western village for Dead Man´s Hand system:

Atalantes (Greek looking guys) face what I think were Albainn (norseish chaps with monsters) on this table that demoed Darklands system:

Suberb Mordheim scenery:

Painting competions entrants:

 Single models

 New Slambo

Necromunda gang

 A hatching dragon

 Mordheim gang

 Doomwheel diorama

Some really big chaps there

At the painting table there were models, paints, brushes and help available for anyone who just wanted to step in and throw some paint on plastic (no metal models available). Wanted to sit down for a couple of minutes and speed painted this gobbo. The light there was a bit too little for my ageing eyes but he turned out okay. And I had a lovely chat with the guys running to table. Thank you! Keep up the good work.

There was a lot of market stall selling all thing gaming related. These 90´s blisters were perhaps the closest thing to Oldhammer that I encountered:

A really enjoyable afternoon. Maybe next year I´ll get myself to arrange an Oldhammer demo table there....

perjantai 12. heinäkuuta 2019

Some fantasy for change

The Finnish baseball season is running at full steam right now and with my son playing I´ve been less paining and more doing spectator sports outside. And I´m giving myself a bit of a break from IG too.

I did aquire a couple of bottles of those new cotrast paints at the beginning of july and geve them a try with some orcs. I had painted some Rugluds´ before and just wanted to try and find a speed painting method for them.

 The nine models I´ve completed so far. I tried using the contrast paints for skin and leather parts at first but that really didn´t works out too well. I didn´t like the skin tone that Ork Flesh produced. And the white base coating meant that I had to repaint the armor bits black after base coating. That took time and worked agains my speed painting idea.

So after a couple of models I went back to black base coating. Metal parts are Typhus Corrosion drybrushed with Ryza Rust and Leadbelcher. Skin is Warboss Green highlighted with Skarsnik Green. Mournfang brown washed with Agrax for spear shafts and different browns for leather parts.

I tried to achieve the original idea of the equipment being looted from some ancient tomb and being in corroded shape. I´m happy with the over all result and these will be good enough for me to be played with.

Here´s a pair of wolves that I painted using those contrast paints. It´s Snakebite Leather on white base highlighted with Ushabti bone. Works well enough for me.