lauantai 26. marraskuuta 2016

A harpist and some archers

It´s been a month since my last update and to be honest I haven´t been painting that much lately. Mostly it´s been because of work and other duties taking my time but I´ve noticed myself being a bit tired with the current projects. A unit of dark elf crossbow armed warriors is still waiting to be finished among other things. But as I´ve promised my friends those darkies will be completed by Christmas.

I hadn´t painted any high elves lately as I sort of got fed up with them until this week when I suddenly got a boost of motivation and decided to start a new unit. It will be archers this time. Same blue and white theme as the rest of my guys. I have close to 30 plastic elves from the fantasy regiment box and ultimately I´m aiming to have a 20 elf strong archer unit including 80´s metal command group. Rest of the plastic archers will propably boost my small unit of scouts some day.

The first one to get completed of the unit was this harpist photographed 
standing on a training for warriors book :D

The musician, a pair of very quickly painted archers and a WIP standard bearer.

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