lauantai 7. heinäkuuta 2018

Elven cavalry for July

One of the hobbying goals I set for myself this year was to paint the units in 3rd edition high elf army list I didn´t have yet. This unit of Silver helms is the first one to get completed. Now I just need to get working on Kith, Warwain and Dragonkin. To be honest I might not make it this year but we´ll see.

Released on Jan-Mar 1988 and presented in WD99 these Jes Goodwin sculpted elf knights are simply put my alltime favourite elven cavalry models. The horses are a bit smallish but that is a very minor detail imo.

The blue and white theme is the same as with the rest of my high elf army. The riders were fun to paint but I did struggle with the horses. I wanted the horses to look realistic and I didn´t want to have just white one as modern Citadel elves tend to have. So it´s mostly different browns with dark tail and mane. I did use some white markings on legs and heads but not sure how well I did with them.

The unit leader´s mount has some barding and is less dynamically posed than the rank and file troopers´ mounts. Every model is magnetized so that there is as little contact as possible between the rider model and the horse. This was done to prevent paint chipping and to keep the riders in saddle.

Silver helms are the most hard hitting troops the high elves can have. WS5, S4 and lances are a fearsome combination that can deliver a lot of damage. But they are expensive. My ten elf squadron will easily cost me 500 points if given a standard and a decent leader.


I´m working on some more elves to complete that Kith unit. And I have some goblins too to boost gobbo horde closer to 50 models. But this july will be very busy and can´t be sure if I can find time to paint and blog.