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Joint effort darkies - Finally completed

Sometimes you just hit a painters block. No matter how you look into it you just can´t get yourself to pick up your brush and finish something. That is just what happened to me with this unit of ten cross bow wielding dark elves.

Last october I sort of got Traject0ry hooked to Oldhammer. He started building a dark elf army and TL and myself promised to help him with the project. That way the Dark elf army joint effort project was born. I wrote about the project itself here. It´s not mentioned in the posting but we set an unofficial goal for this Christmas. My job was to paint two crossbow units both ten strong to meet the WFB:Armies troop minima for darkies. First unit was completed in september but this second one really took it´s time.

So here they are. Bob Naismith Citadel C09 Dark elves. 
I´ve used the guard model as the unit leader.

The unit leader and the musician.

And a couple of troopers.

Now I have a good excuse to visit Traject0ry some day as I don´t think I want to mail the painted models. And I´ll get a chance to talk him into writing something about the rest of the army.

And perhaps we can get the first chance to do some battle with these guys...

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