lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2018

Goblinoids of different size and shape

This will be the last blog text for 2018. My december has not been very productive but with these green skins I´ll be able to close the blogging year the same way I started it - with some goblinoids.
Snotling base. The one on the front row right is actually a Blood Bowl snotling but as I had only four ´normal´snotlings and no other use for him he got a new life here.
A Marauder MM30/2c goblin with a mace and a Citadel C12 goblin Zogrod. These chaps will bulge my goblin horde that numbers 60+ at the moment.
The Vile Rune Tribe Chieftain Fangor Gripe from the Blood Bath at Orc´s Drift scenario. I don´t know if there is another orclops anywhere in any Citadel range of miniatures.
 A group photo shows how small the Marauder gobbo is. He stands just a bit taller than the biggest snots. On the other hand Zogrod is almost as tall a Fangor who would look dwarfish next to modern orcs.
Happy new year! See you in 2019!

tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2018

A couple of eldar

Hi there! It´s been a December of not-much-painting but at least I´ve gotten these two space elves done. Even though they are colored red and white like Christmas they are certainly no Santa´s elves. Hope you like them!

The left one is called SGT. Mael Nightwing and seems to armed with
a laspistol and a power glowe. The one on the right is musician By the name
of Taal Spellsinger. He wields a flamer and a sword.
From this angle you can see the bag pipe/organ thing the musician is
carrying on his back. One of the best RT eldar sculpts in my opinion.