perjantai 30. joulukuuta 2016

Last one for 2016

I took a few days of vacation for Christmas time to be with family and actually found myself both time and energy to do some painting. I usually get up at 7am and as the kids tend to sleep ´till 10 or 11 as they don´t have school now I´ve had a couple of hours to myself each morning. The best thing about that is that I got my part of joint effort dark elves done. Now I just have to deliver them to Traject0ry. I think I will manage that during january as I have some work related business to the town he lives in.

Painting those cross bow armed dark elves put me into a mood to paint some more darkies. I really don´t have too many of those left as most of what I had was traded to Traj. I didn´t feel like doing the half dozen cold ones and their riders I have but the repeating bolt throwers felt like something I might try. I´ve painted a couple of bolt throwers for my high elves (here and here) so the war machine model itself if a familiar one but the crew is naturally different.

The bolt thrower itself and the 2nd crew member are in WIP stage so the only thing that is completed is this spotter. I chose to paint him first because of his stance. He is clearly looking forward - perhaps towards year 2017 and what it might bring?

It must be hard working in a bolt thrower crew. That dark elf is perhaps the most jagged old school elf I have seen. On the other hand he has to be pretty strong to carry all that armor he´s wearing.

That´s all for 2016! Thank you for reading my humble blog and have a Happy New Year!

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