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Seeker of Sampo

Merry Christmas!

In my previous posting I wrote about Kalevale painting challenge I´m running next year. The ´winner´ will be decided by a draw in which I will not take part but I wanted to paint something myself too.

Here´s Kauko Saarelainen - son of one of the men that followed Väinämöinen to Pohjola to get the Sampo back from Louhi. As we know Sampo was lost to sea after a battle versus Louhi and her men. Kauko´s father was the last one of Väinölä folk to hold on to Sampo but could not prevent it from falling off the ship and sinking to depths. Kauko´s father never forgave himself and nor did the people of Väinölä. Known as ´Sampo waster´ he lived shunned by everyone except his own family. Kauko seeks to clear his family´s name by joining the party that goes after the lost artefact. He is an agry young man with bad temper. That temper has gotten him in trouble many times.

Kauko wields the same spear his father used in combat against Louhi and her minions. He covers his head with a hood to go as unknown as possible. His fathers reputation is videly know and affects Kauko too. Kauko is protected by a long mail skirt and a big round shield.

Kauko´s model is a ELF1 series Kyfaillion. I´ve replaced his plastic shield with a larger metal one.

The base has been left blank as the winner of the draw will be responsible for basing all the models he gets.

BTW at the moment we have six participants doing a total of seven models allready. Check my previous posting for details of the challenge.

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