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10000 views and a painting challenge

Just a couple of days ago my blog hit the 10000 views point. I really don´t know if that is a lot or not for a blog that has been active for just over a year but I´m happy with it. A BIG thank you to everyone whos been here!

To celebrate that and the fact that year 2017 is the 100th year of Finnish independence I´m going to arrange a painting challenge. The idea for this challenge came from the excellent Oldhammer Forum where similar projects have been running for at least three times. Last one was a chaos villager project. You can see the wonderfully chaotic result here.

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Raiders of the lost Sampo

How does it work?

Those who want to join will paint a single miniature to fit Kalevala: Raiders of the lost Sampo warband theme (see below) and mail the painted model to me by December 1st 2017. All participants will enter a draw that will be on December 6th 2017. The winner of the draw will get the warband for him/herself. The participants will cover the mailing cost for sending their model to me and I will take care of mailing the whole warband to the winner of the draw.As the organizer I will paint a model myself too but will not be part of the draw.

This challenge is mainly for Finnish oldhammerers. Painters from other countries are free to send in a model but will not get to be part of the draw.

By sending their models to me the participants give their permission for me to use pictures of their the models in this blog.

What models can I use?

You are free to use anything that fits the Kalevala: Raiders of the lost Sampo warband theme. Kalevala is a work of epic poetry compiled from Karelian and Finnish oral folklore and mythology.  There are wizards, shamans, heroes, giants and mythical creatures. You could even do the golden lady crafted by Ilmarinen.

Sampo was a magical artifact in Kalevala that brought good fortune to its holder. Sampo was lost to sea and was believed to be destroyed but now rumours of it´s rediscovery has spread and adventurers from all over the Väinölä are gathering to recover it.

You don´t have to stick with the original story of Kalevala just connect your work to it somehow. It would be appreciated if you could write a short background to the character you are creating. Akseli Gallen-Kallela´s art is a good source of inspiration on the theme.
The defence of Sampo by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

How will it look coherent?

We shall make a warband of heroes so no evil or chaotic models please. As some of the main characters in Kalevala are quite troubled - Kullervo perhaps the most - you´ll have some freedom there.

For some coherency the colors of the Finnish national flag blue and white should be present in every model if that is possible. It might be just a small detail or nothing at all if you are painting a Kokkolintu (a fiery or metal bird) for example.

Entering models should be provided with a round base. The winner will be responsible for basing. That way the bases will look coherent and the winner can make the models part of his/her collection and use them with the stuff he/she already has.

How do I take part?

Email me (janikortesluoma(at) or comment this text and let me know you want to take part. I will have and update a contributor list on this site.

Who is in? Updated 23.12.2016

Myself - a defender of Sampo spearman
LM - Something inspired by Lemminkäinen and his companion Tiera
Finmirage - Antero Vipunen (a giant?) or Lemminkäinen´s mother. Or something else.
Traject0ry - A shaman leader?
TL - The tiny man from the sea
MM - A giant pike

Model count: 7

5 kommenttia:

  1. I will be doing two models inspired by Lemminkäinen and his companion Tiera.

  2. I'm interested, but not yet inspired to something specific. I'll have a think!

  3. Hi there Responsible. It would be great to have you participating.
    Hi LM, Thank you for joining in!

  4. Hi, I'll participate. I was thinking maybe Antero Vipunen or LEmminkäinen in pieces and his mother with a rake :D I'm not planning to begin anytime soon though so the coneptcs might change.

  5. Great to have you on board Finmirage! Really looking forward to see your intepretation of Antero Vipunen or Lemminkäinen´s mother. Or whatever you decide to do.