sunnuntai 28. huhtikuuta 2019

The Walking Egg

Still trying to gather my strenght to go on with assault squad troopers. So I started working on this RT era IG Sentinel aka The Walking Egg and finished it during last weekend. Paint scheme is the same as with the rest of the force: desert yellow, black and metal with some brown for leather. 
 The sentinel is armed with scatter laser. The drivers personal close protection
weapon - a las pistol - hangs on the side of the cockpit.
 There is an alternative helmet headed driver also available for
this sentinel but I don´t have one. I like the way this guy is resting his arm
on the side of the hull.
The round things - which I suppose are lights of some sort - just below the scatter laser
and the big imperial eagle on the nose give this sentinel a ´face´.
Now let´s see if I can bring myself to finish that assault squad - it´s just a couple of models...

torstai 25. huhtikuuta 2019

Nurglesque interlude

It´s just a single model and one picture posting but this is just something I had to show immediately. Inspired By Goblin Lee´s posting I took on this evil warrior I´ve had on my painting table for too long. I originally started painting him as a sleeneshi chaos warrior but didn´t like the result and left him unfinished. Lee´s way of painting rusty armor had me stripping the warrior of his unsatisfactory paint job. And so he became a Nurgle chaos warrior.
Black base coat. All metal parts first with Typhus Corrosion. After drying drybrushed with Ryza Rust. Then watered down Typhus Corrosion to tone down the orange. Finally highlights with Leadbelcher. Skin is Rakarth Flesh base highlighted with Cadian Fleshstone. Then washes with Reikland Fleshwash and watered down Skarsnik green. Final highlights with Kislev Flesh. Was looking for a freshly dead zombie type of skin. Boots are just brown leather with some Typhus Corrosion to give them worn look.
Hope you like him - now back to painting IG.

torstai 18. huhtikuuta 2019

Happy Easter!

Celebrating Easter with completion of 1st Squad 2nd Tactical Platoon. As those old Imperial Guard Grenadiers are pretty rare models I chose alternative armament for this platoon´s heavy weapon troopers. The grenade launchers are replaced with heavy bolters and las cannons with multi meltas. The same will go throughout the entire platoon including command section.
 All ten of them. Green is the signature color of 2nd platoon
and the troopers carry that color on their chest badge.

Heavy weapons. That multi melta sura is a big thing.
 Another view on the heavies.
 Everyone. All 56 of them atm.
Being somewhat fed up with those plastic troopers I think I need to paint some command section models next. Or perhaps the Company commander himself.

sunnuntai 14. huhtikuuta 2019

Another commissar and a couple of troopers

The last two weeks have been marked with a lot of RL responsibilities, mainly work related, and very little painting. Still I did find some time here and there and got a few models completed. Both the 2nd tactical platoon and the assult platoon are slowly growing. And once again I worked on something else too not to get bogged on regular rank and file.
2nd Commissar of my force. Grea tcoat, hand flamer, pistol on his side
and holding high the little red book of Emperors wisdom.
The Commissar with a trooper from 2nd tactical platoon.
The green platoon badge is hidden behind the troopers las gun.
A couple of nearly completed troopers can be seen behind these two.

 The platoon color for assault platoon is red. An assault
squad includes two troopers with plasma guns, seven troopers with
dual las pistols and a sergent. For my squad I´ve replaced the 2nd
las pistol with chain swords. And everyone will get a jump pack. The
chain sword is from modern cadians.