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Trouble at the Fur Hunters´ Hut - 3rd edition WFB Battle Report

When the alarm sounded captain Chaelamin felt perhaps a bit too much satisfaction for being right as the situation was grave serious. He had made his men to take up defensive positions and to set up guard posts around the fur trader hut. They had not protested but he had seen the looks in their eyes. They had been marching all day and would have wanted to rest.

But now it was both his own seekers and the fur hunters he had sent out to guard dute that had spotted the enemy. And Chaelamin himself could see green shapes emerging from the morning mist.

"Get those civilians inside and away from the windows!!!" Chaelamin shouted. To his disappointment some of the fur hunters had their families at the site and they would only be in way now. As if the dwarfs POWs weren´t enough.

Reports were coming in now - there were greens skins coming in from every directions. They would have to fight. Chaelamin only wished that the dwarves would come as agreed.


Big boss Grumbud listened to the goblin chief with disgust. That git was trying to tell him how to lead the raid. The only reason he had tolerated the goblin so long is that his own mob was still too small to make the attack themselves. They need the loot and to get the loot he needs the gobbo chief and his troops. But if the chief would get itself killed Grumbud could keep all to loot his boyz.

"Oi, Rhybag! Me wantz u and ur gobboz to attacks from ze otter side of ze hut. We meetz in da middle rightz? Ze first boss over ze wall getz a speshul prize."

Chief Rhybag hurried on it´s way. Grumbud knew that all boyz and gobbos should be in position now. As the sun rose he ordered the advance. And then the alarm sounded. The elves had noticed them.


Lord Dumbell heard the horn and knew something was not right. He made sure that they were not under attack themselves and reformed his units from marching columns to a battle line. He could see the building where the exhange of POWs was supposed to take place but he could see the goblinoids too. There were at least one unit of orcs and goblins right between him and the hut site. And he could see arrows being fired from the wall that protected the hut´s yard.

They would have to fight through the orcs and goblins to make it to the exhange. Dumbell made sure that the elf prisoners were secured and then the dwarves moved in.

This is a battle report about a 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle scenario I GM´ed a week ago. The scenario required three players each playing goblinods, high elves or dwarves. The scenario background was that the warring elves and dwarfs had agreed on armistice and an exhange of prisoners of war. Elves and dwarfs are to meet at an elven fur hunter hut for the exhange.

Not knowing about the POW exhange a small tribe of orcs with their goblin supporters are looking for easy loot. They have surrounded the fur hunter hut and are to attack.

Each side has their own objectives and some special rules. Each player received a written briefing and list of troops before the game.


Orcs & goblins:

Oi gitz!!! You´z big boss Grumbud of ze purple ´edz tribe. Yer luck wiv ze lootz ´az been poor an´ ze boyz iz gettin´ restless. Nothin´ dad a good ol ´ead bashin´ won´t keep in line but ya really need to get ´em fightin´ ze enemies an´ not each other. Ya ´as gotz a tips from ze gobboz dat dere iz da pointy earz ´untin´ ´ut wid lots an´ lots of ´idez ´n supplies to grab nearby. Ya ´az promized to take dem gobbos wid uz to share da lootz. Dem scumbagz ´as no gutz to go an´ bash ze tree ´uggerz demselves.
Dem gobbos say dere iz lots but not lots an´ lots of dem fancy pantz at ze ´ut. Ya haz cum up wid da brilliunt planz. Yer boyz an´ ze gobbos ´as ze hut surrounded an´ you´z ´as ordered everywun to attacks at ze first light.

Ya haz dem four set up areaz - wun at each side of ze ´ut. No set upz closer dan 16” of dem ´ut - ya not want dem ´ippies to spot ya too early. Ya wanna ´ave ze ´utz surrounded - not lettin´ ze pointy earz run away iz we. Ya haz to set at least wun mob of dem boyz or gobbos on each area. Rememba dat dem gobbos iz not to be trusted - ya haz to ´ave a mob of dem boys or wun of dem shamanz ur chiefz in da same are wiv each of dem gobbo mobz.

Ya needz to get dem buildingz intactz as ze lootz iz in dere. An´ ya not mind if dem gobbos getz bashed and not haz to share da loot wiv ´em.

Commo´n ya gitz, weez gunna ´ave a proppa bashin´!!!

Success conditions:
 Complete success: Both buildings survive and are captured by your troops. Gobbo chief Rhybag is killed or routed off the board. No more than 50% of boyz are lost as casualties.

Partial success: You capture the hut site but one or more of the following happens: one building is destroyed / chief Rhybag survives and is not routed off board / more than 50% of the boyz are lost as casualties

Failure: Hut site is not captured or both buildings are destroyed. Boss Grumbud is killed.


Sir, You are in charge of the four dwarven prisoners of war whom as by the armistice agreement are to be exchanged to four elven warriors captured by the dwarves during the hostilities.

The exchange is to take place at this fur hunting hut your small troupe reached late last night. Your scouts caught a sight of some goblins along the road here two nights ago but the scoundrels hurried back to the cover of woods and have not bothered you since. Upon arrival you set up a defensive perimeter inside the l hut´s walled yard and ordered your troops to rest with guards on duty. Scouts were sent to patrol the nearby woods.

The prisoners are locked up in the storage building with their hands tied so that they cannot escape in case the dwarves try some foul play. The prisoners are unarmed but their equipment is held by your troops and is to be returned to their rightful owners upon exchange.

There are six hunters present and you have taken them under your command. To your big disappointment there are some civilians including a child at the hut. You have ordered them to stay in the main building to be out of your way until everything is clear with the exchange.

You have very strict orders from lord Darcassan not to jeopardize the armistice in any way. Your most important job is to get the four elven prisoners in your custody and to safely escort them along the road to safety. As important as that is to release the dwarven prisoners of war to their brethren and guarantee their safe exit from the area. In case there is a confrontation of any sort you are to preserve your troops as far as possible but without endangering your most important mission - the safe exchange of prisoners.

Scouts may be set up anywhere on the map within 15” of the huts. Civilians must start the game in the main hut. Everyone else sets up within the logging hut perimeter.

The dwarves should arrive in the morning from the east.


Special rules:
The dwarf prisoners start the game with their hands and feet tied. They set up in the storage building that is locked. They cannot move or fight and if attacked will receive free hack hits. The prisoners have normal dwarf profile. They start unarmed (improvised weapons) and unarmored. If there is an elf model within 2” of the storage building door, the elf player may declare the release of prisoners at any time. From that moment the dwarf player gets the control of the prisoners. He may then choose if he wants to put them in normal or skirmishing formation. After release each prisoners gets a hand weapon and a shield. If the prisoners spend one turn putting on their equipment (no movement or others actions) they can add light armor. The prisoners are considered saved if they exit the battle field via the road to east.

The main building has two windows on the long side and one on each end. There is also one window next to the door. The storage building has no windows. Both buildings are wooden with very flammable roof. Two models can use missile weapons from each window and two models can engage in hand to hand combat through a window. The building is divided in three sections. Each section can have 6 models in it. Therefore there is room for a maximum of 18 models in the main building. Models in the building don´t have to be in base to base contact but are still considered to be in normal formation. Models cannot be pushed back from a window position. A model not engaged in hand to hand combat may be moved to another window during the elf player´s movement or reserve phase. Rank bonuses do not affect combat resolution when fighting through windows. A model/turn may climb in/out of a window in movement phase when there is no model on the other side in contact with the window. Moving through window uses the models movement completely. Moving through window may put a model in base to base contact with enemy. They will enter hand to hand combat, but moving through window does not count as a charge.

Success conditions:
Complete success: All dwarven prisoners escape to safety. All elven prisoners escape to safety. All civilians escape to safety. No more than 50% of your troops are lost.

Success: At least ¾ of dwarven prisoners, elven prisoners and civilians escape. No more than 50% of your troops are lost.

Minimal success: At least ½ of prisoners and civilians escape.

Failure: Less than ½ of prisoners survive. Fighting between elves and dwarves break out.


Lord Dumbell! Take care of the prisoner exchange. Do not harm elf prisoners unnecessarily. Return with our brothers. Do not kill any elves unless they attack first. Slight bruising is acceptable. No more than four kegs of ale per warrior a day before return.

You enter the area from east beginning from turn 2. You may deploy as many units as you wish. Units not deployed on turn 2 will be deployed on subsequent turns on your will. Safe exit at same location.

Axes high!

Special rules:
The elven prisoners start attached to one of the dwarf units. They must set up in 2x2 formation and be placed in base to base contact with the back side of the unit they are attached to. They cannot fight and don´t affect the combat resolution rank bonus of the unit they are with. In case they are attacked they may be moved out of harm’s way to another side of the unit. If there is no room and they end up in combat enemy can score free hacks vs. them. The prisoners will move with their parent unit including rout etc. Missile hits against the unit will be randomly divided between the dwarves and the prisoners. The dwarf player can at any time declare he has released the prisoners. At that moment the elven player issues their control and they will act on his turn. The prisoners have normal elf profile and they are unarmed (improvised weapons) and carry no armor. From release on they will act as skirmishers.

Success conditions:
Total success: All dwarf prisoners exit to safety

Partial success: At least ½ of prisoners exit to safety

Failure: Less than ½ of the prisoners survive. You have to shave your head, dye your beard orange and seek your death in the troll caves.


 The elf player did his initial set up secretly on a piece of paper. Then the orcs ond goblins were put on the table. And after that the elves. Orcs would move first.

Orc boyz and trolls advancing from north and led by Grumbud himself. Defending the wall are elf archers. Chief Rhybag´s gobbos and the orc shaman are just barely visible in the horizon.

 Orc arrers and gobbo stickas closing in from east.

And from west more boyz and a mob of wolfboyz. In the woods the elf fur
hunters are taking aim on green skins.

The fur hunting hut and it´s defenders. On top left corner a unit on seekers. Manning the north wall are archers. In the bigger building are the ship company and civilians. Dwarf POWs are held in the smaller building. In the yard there is also captain Chaelamin mounted on his horse and the fur hunter´s hunting dog´s with their handler.

First blood was drawn by orc arrers who really didn´t want to share the loot with stinking gobbos. Failing their animosity test they wheeled a and shot at gobbo stickas killing three of them.

Suprisingly everyone else passed their anomosity tests and moved towards the hut. On elf turn there was very little movement. On shooting phase everyone who could shot at advancing orcs & goblins. Some were killed but not enough to force a panic test.

On turn two the trolls did what they do best and failed their stupidity roll. They staggered on and ended right in front of the main orc boyz unit preventing them form advancing. Grumbud decided to take matters into his own hands and left the boyz unit he was with to join with trolls and bash some sense into their thick skulls.

Elf captain and hunting dogs left the hut yard to face the gobbos and orc shaman coming in from south. A single fanatic was released from the gobbo unit by the elf presence but the loonie did not reach his target.

And then came the dwarfs. Between them and the hut site were just the orc arrers and gobbo stickas. And the stickas were just preparing to charge the elf seekers in the forest in front of them.

On turn three big boss Grumbud managed to get the trolls under his command and bashed some sense into them. They and the boyz would be ready to storm the yard next turn. Orc arrers retreated away from the advancing dwarfs and stickes charged to elf seekers who chose to stand and shoot.

On the other side of battle field wolf boyz changed the elf hunters who received the charge shooting with their hunting bows. The lone gaoblin fanatic in the middle crashed into hut wall and died. Two of the hunting dogs were roasted by a fireball from orc shaman.

In the top left corner stickas charge the seekers. The fanatic is just about to make his final move and head straight into the wall.

The elf captain decided to take out the orc spell caster and charged him. The remaining dog and his handler retreated back to safety of the walls. The ship company that had stayed in the main building started to move out to be ready to face the orcs and goblin.

The elf archers defending the north wall took aim on trolls directly in front of them and scored a huge amount of hits. And managed to down a troll. This was too much for the others who broke and took big boss Grumbud with them! Suddenly the orc leader was on the run.

Luckily for the orcs the boyz mob was not affected. They would charge soon.

Chaelamin took care of the orc shaman quickly with one thrust of his lance. Seekers killed a couple of stickas but lost one of their number too and were pushed back. Hunters could not hurt the wolfboyz and were pushed back too.

The dwarfs marched as fast as they could. They could see that the elf situation was getting worse every second.

Big boss Grumbud´s not so glorious flight from battle.

As Grumbud and his bodyguards were out of the way the boyz mob was able to charge the elf archers defending the northern wall. Chief Rhybag´s stickas turned their ranks to face the elf captain who had slaughtered the orc shaman and peppered him with javelins. And against all odds wounded him.

Orc arrers who had been running away from the advancing dwarfs were positioning themselves to be able to charge the ship company next turn. After moving they released their arrows and a single marine was pierced by a red feathered arrow.

Both the seekers and the hunters were slowly being grinded down and pushed back the stickas and the wolfboyz. They could kill a few gobbos every now and them but the sheer number of enemies meant that they could not win a round of combat. At the north wall defending archers were pushed back by the boyz who were now in the yard for the first time.

Luckily for the elves the other unit of boyz was a bit of stuck behind the gobbo unit and could not engage anyone.

Desperate to buy some time the elf captain charged to goblin horde in front of him. The lone hunting dog handler and his remaining hound joined in too. Close combat was raging all over. Again the elves were pushed back in every single combat. They were really on the edge of braking.

The last remaining seeker trying to hold on against the stickas
while captain Chaelamin and the hunting dog handler charge the gobbos.

The dwarf thunderers had finally marched in range of the orc arrers. They took aim and BANG! Three of the ten muskets misfired and two dwarfs were killed. And no hits scored on orcs. It really did not start well for stunties.

The dwarf POWs in the smaller hut had been alarmed by the noises of fighting and they managed to break themselves free. Armed with what weapons they could find they bursted out of the shag and charged right to the flank of the orc boyz pressing hard on elf archers. That was the boost that the defenders needed. Several orcs were killed and the rest were pushed back. The situation was stabilized at least for a while.

On the next orc turn the arrers charged to elf ship company now defending the south wall. The marines did not fare well and got pushed back into the main building. On the north wall elves and dwarfs killed a number of boyz. A single dwarf was lost too. Rest of the orcs broke. The archers did not choose to follow but the dwarf POWs wanted to avenge their brother and went into pursuit. That put them into a dangerous position as wolfboyz had taken care of the last of hunters and would be able to charge the dwarfs next turn.

Hunting dog handler and his hound were slain. Now it was just the elf captain fighting the gobbos. He got pushed back. The stickas finished the last seeker.

At this point the elf civilians saw their chance and using windows as exits bolted towards the dwarf lines for safety. Seeing the wolfboyz that threatened to dwarf POWs the elf archers formed a shooting line to protect them. They would not jeopardize the chance for peace with the dwarfs.

Once again the elves were pushed back all around. Their captain was hit several times but his armor protected him against the weak goblin weapons. Ship company was being reduced to less than five elves but the survivors held on swearing to protect the fleeing civilians.

Dwarfs advanced and would be in charge range next turn. Their flamethrower had come to range of the gobbos in combat with the elf captain. Not caring too much for the elf´s safety they launched their fiery ball but it missed both the gobbos and the luckily the elf too. The forest they were partially in caught fire. The former dwarf POW headed for safety of their own lines.

During the last couple of turns it became clear that the orcs had secured to hut site. The ship company was killed to last elf inside the main building. Dwarf quarrelers got to charge chief Rhybag´s gobbos and rescued the elf captain who was down to his last wound at that time.

As all the civilians and POWs were behind the now combined dwarf/elf line and orcs firmly holding the hut site I called it a day. Dwarfs and elves would be happy to retreat and orcs had no interest in following them.

Forest fire rages after careless use of a flame thrower.

So how did each side fare? 

The orcs secured the hut site with both building intact. But roughly 50% of the boyz were lost and big boss Grumbud was routed himself with chief Rhybag surviving. A partial success was awarded to orcs.

The dwarfs lost one POW and got a partial success too.

The elves managed to get all civilians and POWs to safety and only one dwarf POW was lost. On the other hand almost all elf troops were killed. I awarded the elf player with a partial success too. Even if there was no such category in the briefing.


 It took us roughly three hours to play this scenario. I had not had time to play test it so I was pretty anxious to see how it worked. On general level I am happy with the result. I felt that the players were having a good time and I didn´t have to interfere too much with GM´ing. Thank you guys for playing!!!

If I were to GM this again I would perhaps change the roles of elves and dwarfs around. Now the dwarf player spent most of his time just marching. Quicker troops would mean more action.

The trolls could have been too powerfull for this scenario. Now they actually worked against the orc player. I might reduce their number to one in any case.

The elf player´s success conditions are a bit too harsh. I would remove the No-more-than-50%-of-rour-troops-are-lost requirement for the side that starts in the hut site.

The orc player needs to play actively as TL did in this game. I was expecting to see a break out try by the elves but LM chose to defend the yard and wait for dwarfs. And as we saw it worked well enough.

Elf civilians running for safety.

Hope you enjoyed reading. Sorry for crappy pics. Forgot my camera home and had to use mobile.

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  1. A great scenario! I look forward to giving this a try

    1. Hi Beaz101! Thank you for commenting. I would love to hear how it went if you try it out. And as I mention in the text I would recommend switching the roles of elves and dwarfs around for smoother play.

  2. Excellent work! Love these batreps of yours. I'm looking into playing a couple of 3rd ed games myself, to post some reps in my mainly AoS blog as oldhammer flashbacks ;) your blog inspires me, kiitos!

    1. Hi Koltama! And thank you. I wish I had a chance to play more often than I do. And that´s a very nice blog you have there.