perjantai 29. maaliskuuta 2019

Adeptus Mechanicus Section

These four models make up my Bravo Company´s Adeptus Mechanicus Section. As the force includes penal battallions troops and a human bomb as per rules it needs a Tech Priest to rig and control the explosive collars and bomb harnesses.
 Adeptus Mechanicus and his three Servitors. Is´t nice how
the power armored and power axe wielding AM stands a head taller
than everyone else.
The Adeptus Mechanicus is obviously a Bob Olley sculpt.
And in my opinion one of his best.
 These three servitors are Confrontation (Necromunda) tech ganger.
Did some kitbashing and gave them modernish Tau arms and equipment
to make them look more cybernetic. They all wear some red to mark them
as possibly unreliable as judged by the Inquisition/Commissars.

lauantai 23. maaliskuuta 2019

The guy that goes BOOM!

Because of me being on a work trip abroad it´s been a week of very little painting and blogging. So it´s only a single completed model this time. But it´s not just any model but quite a controversial one. At least on this day standards. You know, this was totally acceptable back in the 80´s.
This is a human bomb drawn from the rank of the penal battallions. These are individual who seek to atone for their sin agains the Emperor By serving as human bombs. The moment a penitent dons an explosive harness , he is absolved By the Emperor. A human bomb may also be freed as some of the harnesses are rigged not to explode.
A human bomb is unarmed if that bomb harness is not counted in. Behind him
is a WIP adeptus mechanicus tech  priest. He is needed for rigging the bomb harness.
I don´t think any gaming Company would lauch this product these days.
For some more controversial sculpts please check out Orlygg´s posting: Women In Warhammer.

maanantai 18. maaliskuuta 2019

Legacy 2019

I´m taking part in Oldhammer Forum´s Legacy 2019 Project. This year the theme is Chaos Marauder Band inspired By the game Chaos Marauders. I felt that a chaos gobbo would fit in and as I wanted to take a short break from painting Imperial Guard I decided to finish him right away.
So my participant is a C27 Chaos Goblin Mutant "Three eyes". His robes are Mephisto red shaded heavily with Agrax Earthshade. Then highlighted with Mephisto red and washed with Bloodletter. More highlights with Evil Sunz Scarlet that was gradually mixed with yellow paint and ink. Final highlights with yellow.
Skin is Warboss green shaded with Agrax. Highlights are Warboss, Skarsnik Green and Game Color Escopena green mixed with Skarsnik.
Join the Project and you too have a chance of winning this chap among other Marauders.

Penal Battallion Squad

Penal Battallion troops are made up of individuals who have committed crimes punishable By a life sentence. Their head are shaved and they are forced to wear an explosive slave-collar. Their red vest shows their status as dangerous offenders to outsiders.
When starting this IG Project I never expected to get myself enough penitents to form a full squad. So when the opportunity came to purchase the baldies I was very happy to take it. I will eventually paint a command section to make penitents a real platoon. And I will need a adeptus mechanicus tech priest to operate their explosive collars.
 Black boots, brown gaiters, desert camo pants and shirt.
A red penitents vest, black flak armor underneath and metals for lasgun and belt buckle.
I really should try out different skin tones. On ten guys the two tones used get a bit boring.
As does the fact that there is only this one pose for penitents and not that much you can
do with those plastic hands.
70 points / squad plus five points for the frenzon dispensers. 

sunnuntai 10. maaliskuuta 2019

Two bald outcats

Just a quick posting to close the week. Here are two misfit individual who more or less reluctantly serve the Emperor in the ranks of Imperial Guard. For the psyker the other options are to be killed or shipped to Terra for absorbtion by the Emperor. The servitor on the other hand is a criminal who redeems his sins being turned into something closer to a machine than a human.

This sanctined psyker is a Bob Olley sculpt. The pose is pretty rigid and I
would have preferred on of the Perry psykers but they are hard to get.
The servitor is an old Confrontation Tech ganger who has been updated with
some modern parts. 

I have given both these individuals some red details to their clothing.
Like penitents both psykers and servitors are seen by the commissars as
a possible threat to common troopers´ faith and morale and are therefore
required to wear ´warning colors´. 

On the back this servitors head a dataport can be seen. With
his cybernetic arms he/it can manipulate equipment more efficiently 
than normal troopers. 

torstai 7. maaliskuuta 2019

How I speed paint my IG

Being a very mediocre painter myself I haven´t dared to do any painting guides. Not before this. I felt that this way of speed painting desert themed Imperial guard deserves to be shared.

After assembling the model I spray it with Army Painter Desert Yellow for base coating.
If the spray doesn´t reach every spot I fix those places with a brush.

Gaiters, belt pouches and other leathery equipment are painted brown
with Citadel Mournfang Brown.

Boots and flak vest are painted black. Face and hands get treated
with Cadian Fleshstone.

Leadbelcher for lasgun, helmet and bayonet/knife.

Everything is shaded with Agrax Earthshade and when it´s dried
I use Armageddon Dunes texture for the base.

Finishing touches include highlighting black parts with Eshin Grey.
Camo suit is highlighted with Kislev Flesh. I´ve been using Air version of that
as it´s thin enought to be used straight out of bottle. Goggles are given a
touch of Tin Bitz to make then stand out a bit.

Quick and dirty - not anything fancy as you can see but does the trick. Excluding drying time I think it takes me something like 30min to paint a single trooper like this.

Feel free to try it out! And please share your way of painting Old IG.

lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2019

Commissar and a penitent

Due to being ill - first with flu and then with norovirus - both painting and blogging have been on pause for several days. As I´ve been feeling a lot better since yesterday I did some modeling glueing arms and weapons to IG troopers and then base coating roughly 20 models. Eventually I found myself working on these two old sculpts which got finished today.

A commissar is of course a must for any IG force. I gave mine a HUGE power glove
and a las pistol. Penal trooper is armed with just the simple las gun.

I did not want to do a general all Black commissar so I went with the desert theme. Some Black details are there - mainly the hat - to make sure he stands out as a commissar. Penal trooper is recognizeable by his bald head, red vest and explosive collar around his neck.

I have a lot of RT era IG stuff that I´m working on currently: assault paltoon, penal squad, a couple of servitors, another tactical platoon and that thing you can see blurred on the background of these pictures.