sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2016

What to do with these boyz´n gobbos?

I have a confession to make. I´m a total noob at painting goblinoids. The last orcs and goblins I´ve painted are perhaps a couple of 2nd edition Blood Bowl players from the beginning of 90´s. And now I have managed to get myself into this:

Yes, that is 12 goblins and 25 boyz. Looks like a beginning of an orc army. But how to paint them fast to table top quality? How would you proseed? I´m thinking about basing them with black spray. After that green skin, some metallic for armor and swords and something for loincloth and belt. Wash the whole thing with Agrax earthshade and then pick out eyes, teeth and other details. Could that work out?

A close up of gobbos. I really like the snotling duo standard bearer. Unit leader may need some cleaning up. I actually have some more gobbo archers but they are missing heads. Does anyone have some?

That´s 22 fantasy regiment boyz and a metal command group just waiting to be painted.

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  1. For quick painting, I prefer a white undercoat, then an Agrax wash before painting further.

    I'm going for a very pale green base and then a green wash for the goblins, while I use the Foundry Moss Triad for my Orcs.

  2. Ok, that sounds like an idea. Thank you! I´ll give it a try. But first I´ll finish ship company and coast riders...