torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2016

Old catalogues

Going through my old gaming stuff I came across two old mail order catalogues by finnish game retail stores. I scanned a couple of pages from both to show you what was available to finnish hammerers at that time. The older one is from 1988 by GameWorld.

The header is simply: GameWorld List of games. In the small box it says: List on roleplaying games, adventure packages, strategy games, miniatures, gaming magazines and gaming accessories. And then some copyright stuff.

Here you can see the Games Workshop games sold by GameWorld at that time. The young me has underlined both Blood Bowl and Death Zone. Didn´t get those but I bought the 2nd ed when it was published. The prices are in Finnish marks (6mk = 1€).

Not too much Citadel here. No blisters, just boxed sets. Never got myself to buy that skeleton horde I have marked out.

GameWorld went out of business sometime during the early nineties. Or they switched to selling console and computer games. Not really sure what happened to them. The other catalogue is by Fantasiapelit (Fantasy Games) that is still going strong. This is how their catalogue front page looked like in the spring of 1990.
It says there that this catalogue is in effect from spring 1990 to winter 1991.

From the very last page I found something that I did not remember to exist. A finnish translation of Laserburn! I wonder if there are many copies left of that? The short description for Laserburn tells that it is compatible with Traveller 2300 game. Is that true?

The list of GW games is a lot longer than in the GameWorld -88 catalogue. I´m familiar with most of them at least at some level but of the last two don´t have any recollection.

Last but not least two pages of Citadel miniatures. There are some old markings of mine visible. Of those I did buy Harboth´s orc archers, Skarlock´s wood elf archers, Ruglud´s armored orcs and Prince Ulther´s dragon company. The orcs I sold to a friend of mine in the 90´s. Ulther´s dwarves were traded for some wardancers this year and they can be seen in the high elf vs. dwarf battle report from february. Skarloc´s archers are still in their original box waiting to be painted. Perharps they´ll serve as high elf scouts one day.

I still have BME1 Fellowship of the ring minis. Boromir from that set is one of the first minis I ever painted. He is pretty terrible. Of fantasy regiment I have some not so well painted elves left. I did buy the skeleton army too but I just can´t remember what happened to them.

From the second page I never bought the minotaurs, fighters or goblinoids. I had about 10 pieces of elf cavalry but only one of them is still left. I remember painting some of them but not being happy with the result. I´ve propably thrown them into garbage bin some time during late nineties... Some of the wardancers I bought at this time are still being used.

Let´s see if I can dig out some more treasures from the times past.

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  1. Moi, laitoin aiheeseen liittyvän yv:n facebookissa. Tulikohan perille?

  2. Terve, kyllä tuli. Ei vaan tullut mitään ilmoitusta puhelimeen niin en hoksannut ennen tätä...

  3. Dunno how many copies of DaDa games Laserburn are still out there, but I got mine used many years ago. I don't recall that there would've been any mention about compatibility with 2300AD.

    Been thinking about taking scans of it for archive purposes, but as the english version of the game is actually still available to buy, I haven't dared to do that yet.