lauantai 16. huhtikuuta 2016

Ship Company completed

So here is my ship company for 3rd edition WFB. The ships companies as presented in WFB: Armies book are a bit of strange units as they have a fixed size of 10 elves. It says in the book that:"The warships and trading galleons of the Sea Elves have well armed crews. Sometimes these warrior crews may used to augment the land forces". I wonder if all elven ships have a crew of ten that can be used in this manner...

Well, I think of my Ship Company as marines who are ready to defend their ship from attackers. And if needed they can be used for boarding action too. They have good equipment and can handle both ranged and close combat.

In WFB:Armies book one warrior with long bow, hand weapon, light armor and shield is 14 points. If I include a standard bearer, musician and a LVL10 hero to lead the unit it will around 250 points for the whole package.

Next time it´ll be all about some Shore Riders. At least I hope so.

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