perjantai 29. huhtikuuta 2016

Lately I´ve been mostly...

...painting ponies. And their riders. It has been a pretty slow process but today I finally got the shore riders unit to ´legal´ strenght ie. five rank&file troopers and a champion. I actually have two more rider and horse minis left unpainted but wanted to post something as soon as the unit was in playeble state. So here they are:

 In my opinion they came out pretty good. They are not copies of each other but still have an unified look in them. Also no two horse are painted the same. They all have at least some differences.

One thing that I find peculiar about shore riders is that in WFB: Armies their basic equipment is shield and spear with options to bow, javelins and light armor. To my knowledge there are no Citadel minis from that era to match that basic equipment. As you see none of my minis have spears and the champion is the only one with a shield. The troopers have bows and one of them wears something that could be light armor. Well, you can´t always go WYSIWYG.
My army didn´t have a wizard and as I finally found an appropriate model I painted him too. I do have a 90s wizard mini but I don´t like the sculpt and he has been left unpainted. But here´s the wizard that just joined my force. He is painted in the same blue and white theme as the rest of my elf force.
This particular wizard mini seems to have a beard which is strange for an elf IMO. Perhaps he is a half-elf after all?

I´ll end this post with a group photo of both the pony boys and the mage.

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