keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2016


Just a quick post about two small conversions I did yesterday. I´ve been working on a ship company and finally received the last few models for it from ebay. I wanted the unit to have a standard but did not have a ready-to-use mini for that. I don´t think there is one in the ME-32 series. Anyway, I drilled a small hole in one of the troopers left hand just behind the shield "knob" to fit a flag pole. A 4th edition era dragon rider of caledor standard bearer lost his. Some filing down of the pole and repositioning of the marine´s hand was required but after all I think it fit quite nicely.

Quite pleased with myself I was confident enough to try an another conversion. I removed the left hand and the horn it was holding from an elf archer musician. I then filed down the hand and fingers and removed the horns mouthpiece. Again a hole was drilled in a marine troopers shield hand. Main part of the horn was placed in the hole from below and the mouthpiece then glued on top of it.

I´m pretty happy with both. I´m not experienced converter but perhaps I´ll experiment a bit more in the future.

The poor victims who gave their best part for greater good.

Hopefully the next post will be about the completed unit in a couple of days.

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