lauantai 14. toukokuuta 2016

Elven guard

I´ve managed to finish my next unit of high elves which is a 20 elf strong guard formation. Being +1 shock elite with access to halberds, shields, heavy armor and both magical standard and instrument they are the best infantry the high elf list has to offer.

 I painted my spear armed guards in the same blue and white theme as the rest of my army (excluding those warriors and archers dating back to mid 90´s). Most are Jes Goodwin´s marvelous elf sculpts but the captain is from the Marauder line to give the unit some variation. As I have a couple of extra spearmen I´m planning on converting a musician for this unit too. But I´m still concidering different options on how to do it.

Front row guards with shields raised.

Five wide - four deep.

These will most likely see some action in july vs. some skaven and perhasp vs. my old enemies the dwarves too. Stay tuned for some battle reports.

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