tiistai 24. maaliskuuta 2020

Legacy Coven 2020 entrant

As this years Lagacy Project we are building a genestealer coven over at Oldhammer Forum. Check out this thread and sign in if interested. You can find the threads about 2017 and 2019 project by clicking those two banners in the right hand side side bar.

My participant will be this simple brood brother. Touched by Slaanesh he was born with pupilless eyes, pale skin and purple hair. Fearing the inquisition his parents left him to die but the baby was found by a member of a genestealer cult.  Regarded sacred because of his coloring the baby was adopted into the coven and raised to be a warrior. Grown up now he fights side by side with his new family.

As you can see he´s a Bob Olley Guardsman with a beaky marine bolt gun. This
years spot colorfor project is green and I gave him green jump suit and body armor.

Belt and pouches are simple leather with some metal details. Shoulder pads and
boots are black with greenish grey highlights.

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