lauantai 24. marraskuuta 2018

The smallest of updates or an update on the smallest

Snotlings - the smallest of the goblinoid races. Even more wretched and degenerate than goblins. Stupid, funny and totally Oldhammer.

Got myself a bunch of snots just the other day as a part of a job lot I bought online. Even though there are a plenty of more useful models in that job lot I chose to work on these little chaps first. The rules say that snotlings go 9 models on a 40x40 base but I chose to have 5 instead. Mainly because snot models are pretty expensive and to be able to field a decent sized unit with 9 models per base would cost more than I am willing to pay.

Putting five snotlings on a 40x40 is enough in my opinion. That way individual models stand out better and the base itself isn´t that full of stuff.

 I think I like that mushroom armed chap the most. There are another five snots there waiting to be painted. Hoping to finish them soon.

What I don´t undestand about snots is their points value in the 3rd edition WFB - 25 POINTS!?!?

So if you take minimum 5 bases it will cost you 125 points. And I have hard time coming up with some kind of use to them. Even with spore weapons that give you +1 to S of both melee and ranged attacks they are next to useless. And with that point value you really shouldn´t use them for screening action either. You can get 40 gobbos for that same price. And those gobbos can survive some missile fire which the snots certainly can´t.

And you should not forget that snotlings are cowardly. They cannot charge an enemy they don´t outnumber at least 3:1. Plus they have to run away if charged by an enemy they don´t outnumber 3:1. So they really suck.

Using the Rogue Trader points value formula you get a 8,25 points value for snots. If I got it right. So 8 or 8,5 points per base sounds about right for what snots are worth in combat.

Has anyone used snotlings in a 3rd edition WFB battle?
And has anyone found any use for them? 

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  1. Nicely painted. I, too, would be curious to understand their use in 3rd edition. Of course, if they are useless I still plan to include them in my army since they are such iconic miniatures

    1. Hi Anthony! I have to agree with you there. I´m going to use them no matter how useless they are.