perjantai 2. marraskuuta 2018

Something different

Orctober is over and it´s gnovember time. But I´ve not started this month with gnomes but something that I´ve never painted before - RT era Eldar. I´ve had these models for some time now but I finally found myself the inspiration to do something about them. Here are the first two that I´ve completed.

RT401 Space elf and a spirit warrior (eldar war robot).

 From a bit different angle showing spirit warrior´s power glove with shuriken catapult.

 Note the crossbow-like shuriken catapult.

My favorite part of this model is the pointy helmet hanging on his back.

I think I´ll set myself to paint a kill team of a sort. I do have a few eldar models there but I´m going to need so more infantry to make it a decent sized team.

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