lauantai 25. marraskuuta 2017

The new elven guard

As my previous blog entry was a Guest display I felt that it´s sort of must to show something done by myself now. I´ve been wanting to create this unit for a long time as I really wanted to have halberd armed elven guard. I´ve used these great Jes Goodwin models as my guard previously but they are obviously not WYSIWYG for halberd and heavy armor that I want my guard unit to have.

Black Tree Design Royal elven guard filled that need. I´ve had these models for a while now but was distracted with painting green skins until now. I really like the line - there are six different rank & file models and a full command. So a lot of variety. Sculpts are nicely detailed and well cast.

Enjoy the pics!

The command group. The musician is perhaps my favorite
sculpt of the line with the drum hanging on to his side.

The six different trooper sculpts.

A group shot.

A closer look at the front rank. 

A bird´s eye view on the unit.

2 kommenttia:

  1. I love those mini's and your paint job has really done them justice. Awesome work.

  2. Hi Snickit! Those are IMO the best alternatives for Jes Goodwin elves available. They fir in nicely with old Citadel products and as mentioned have the right weapons and armor for high elf guards.

    It appears that I have not been following your blog - must correct that slip immediately. Both your skaven and dwarfs are fantastic!