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Birthday cheer up - Crude paint jobs from the past

Today is the 2nd birthday of this Vanhaa Vasarointia blog. Still a very small project compared to many far better and more well known sites but it´s been growing steadily. Today the blog is like my painting skills - nothing brilliant but at least better than what it used to be.

With that thought in my head I rumbled through some boxes to find models painted many many years ago by the lot younger me. I won´t ask you to enjot this time - but if these bring even a little smile on your face I´m happy!

This is one of the first miniatures I´ve ever painted. Boromir from the Fellowship of the Ring -boxed set. The year is propably 1988. Just look at his yellow overalls! At that time I had the basic paint set and as you see it was straight out of bottle painting. No highlight or shading. It looks like I´ve drybrushed the sword blade. Shield is missing but it was a round one. Brown edges and an egyptian style free hand painted eye symbol on white back ground.

 Monopose Dungeon Bowl elf and a 2nd edition Blood Bowl starter set orc. Year must be some where around 1989-1990. No highlights at all. There is something that could be called shading on the elves shoulder bad. Was there an ink set around at that time? Can remember. But it looks like if either ink or dileded paint had been applied there. I remember doing that black lining on the orc. I first painted the base colours and then started to make the thin black lines between different parts. It took me ages.

This is something I had forgotten. The young me has free hand written a F-word on the left glove of this orc. Made me smile when I discovered it.

A metal goblin in Lowdown Ratz colours. Attempts of shading and high lighting the skin can be seen here. And I´ve done a nice astrogranite base for him by glueing some sand on the base and painting it grey.

The wardancer champion from Skarloc´s boxed set. Goblin green base with some high lights. Facial paint/tattoo and runes on the arms. Back then I thought he looked bad ass. Now just bad.

Can´t remember the manyfacturer or the exact year when this was painted. It could be something like 1996-1997. He has to be one of the last miniatures I painted before putting the brushes away for about two decades.

Camo pants, high lights on armor - there were some parts that promised better things to come but I did not have patience to practice my skills back then and lost interest in modeling. But it´s good to back in business.

Sadly a lot of terrible minis have been lost over the years. I remember a certain Julie Guthrie troll and a Grenadier cleric that I wish still had. That troll was the very first mini I ever put paint on.

Next time I´ll promise to show you something that doesn´t make you wanna claw out your eyes.

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  1. That last mini with carbine is a Heartbreaker make Capitol trooper (can't remember unit) for their Warzone miniature game (1st edition) set in the Mutant Chronicles universe. Despite an awesome line of first releases (Warzone, Chronopia, Mutant Chronicles, Gemini) these guys went nuts with initial success and botched practically all the later releases. They also ran business smart like dead baboons and sold their legacy to never-ending string of abundant incompetence. If you get the chance skim through the first edition books (and Mutant Chronicles 2nd edition). I still consider them pleasant to skim through, have a go if you get the chance!

  2. Forgot to mention that they were originally Swedish (Heartbreaker) but as they boomed there was some Danish involvement I think.

  3. Thanks Traj, I knew you would know.

  4. Just stumbled on this blog. Very nice. I enjoy when people share their old models painted in their youth. Now to browse your other posts. Nice blog man. 👍

  5. Hi airbornegrove26! Hope you like the other posts too. Nice to have you stumbling in :)

  6. Oh ya I enjoyed looking back. Those study posts on handlers and berserkers etc. are great.