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Guest display: Jorma Jormasson's mighty avenging dwarven warhost of terror by Raaka-Arska

As it happens I have a couple of friends with nice Oldhammer armies or soon to be an army projects. However these guys are not into blogging and I felt that it´s a shame if their work does not get wider attention. Therefore I´ve started a new series of articles under the headline Guest display. In these articles I will present the works of my friends in a somewhat irregular schedule.

First up is Raaka-Arska with his growing old school dwarf army. Let´s hear it from Arska himself.

                           Jorma Jormasson's mighty avenging dwarven warhost of terror

I have dreamed for a long time about creating a full army for good old Warhammer third edition. All that with principle that army must have a lot of character and ton of heavy metal from the 80s. Now that work has started with characterful Dwarf warhost and it has been a blast!

From the experience I knew that planning a project properly really pays off so I started by writing 1000 point army list. Rulebook and Warhammer Armies book serve as inspiration to this project along awesome blogs like this.

Most important inspiration for the project is still Wayne Englands legendary Dwarf army which was presented in the White Dwarf #135. Stylish and unique look with steel, blue and white all used in harmony. All this led me to first important decision right away, should I go with original 80's look on bases with simple flock and Goblin Green or something bit more modern?

I decided to go with bit more modern look but still keep bases simple and make sure they won't take too much attention from the main thing, miniatures. Snow is really powerful element and easy to add but I had never used it on bases, even after all these years, so that was set. Basic grey, few plants, and lots of snow. I also wanted to keep regiments and heroes on same low level so no hero will pose well, heroically on big rock or anything like that.

Dwarves have really hard limits on minimum troops:
1 hero
20 Dwarf Crossbowmen
40 Dwarf Warriors

In practice those can be halved on small games but I will keep limits on my mind anyway. Then there is always Baggage Train to add (Bugmans cart, smith and his tools of trade or even juggernaut).

Starter list is going to be this:

1 x Level 10 hero (famous Jorma Jormasson himself)

20 x Dwarf Crossbowmen (Bugman's rangers)
Heavy Armour
Full Command
(these will most likely be split into two units later)

5 x Giant Slayer

1 x Three man Bolt Thrower
Heavy armor

1 x Three man Stone Thrower
(this will be Goblobber but I while I am by no means powergamer I just cannot make myself to pay 25 points to downgrade Stone Thrower for worse.)

Bugman's cart is going to be on high priority to paint and do it's magic as unit filler first and as Baggage Train later. I also need unit of Warriors but one big unit of troops will be enough now. I would love to add Wizard to army at some point just because in 3rd edition I can!

This is the first post from me as guest and hopefully it inspires other to paint some dwarfs.


And here are the pictures. Comments by VK.

A classic bolt thrower with three dwarf crew. The batchy
snow bases work very well here.

 Who cares if gunpowder is explosive - I´ll smoke my pipe
where ever I want to. Really like the cool commander.

 A goblobber with a single crew member.

 Another dwarfy machine of destruction - the flame thrower.

A frenzied squad of Marauder troll slayers.

WIP Jorma Jormasson himself.

 Dragon company, Bugman´s rangers and the cart waiting to be painted.

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