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Oldhammer Oulu picture dump

On 28th october the very first (as fas as I know) Oldhammer meet in Finland was organized in Oulu. I as the main organizer want to give a BIG thank you to Fantasiapelit Oulu for letting us use their gaming room. I also want to thank guys from ORLY for participating and giving the painting instruction/lesson. I picked up a few techniques I´m going to try out in the future.

As I had no previous experience on organizing a gaming event I didn´t have very ambitious goals for this meet. All the games were arranged by people I know and we were not expecting a big crowd. We tried to keep all the games and scenarios small and fast so that anyone could step in and play for some 30-60 min.

First scenarios started around 11am and we finished around 5pm although some of the guys stayed a bit longer to test a couple of games. I´m hoping to get a new meet arranged during this winter but we´ll see.

Enjoy the pictures. Wish I had taken more pics. But I was either busy GM:ing or playing so I kind of forgot to do that...


In the spirit of true sportsmanship  even a chaos dwarf was accepted
to participate in the troll slaying event.

The troll slaying champion. In the end it was a slayer with
his frenzy and two hand weapons who came through as the top dog.


LM brought his titans and buildings along and ran a 3 vs 3 scenario in the meet.

 Two loyalist titans do hand to hand combat with
a single traitor. This one ended with a reactor meltdown
that took out two titans.

 Four down, two left. A heavy traitor titans took out
the light loyalist titan without breaking a sweat.

A close shot on one of LM´s traitor titans.


Goblins are moving through a valley with their prisoners as the
elves attack trying to free their brothers and sisters. The advance force
of eight wolfboyz has just returned to field. They will charge and take out
the green robed elf scouts.

Wardancers break the gobbos leading the column but
are in danger of being charged by the wolfboyz.
Archers are fighting the troll to free the prisoners.

Troll manages to rout the archers and hacks them down but
the prisoners are left with no guard and flee. A brave beatmaster
and his warhounds tie down gobbo stickas.

Elven civilians head for safety as wardancers engage the wolfboyz.
Routing gobbos can be seen on the back ground.

Using their special ability to avoid being hit the wardancers give
civilians enought time to get away from their captors. 
The elves win but at very high cost.

In another WFB scenario led by me a small garrison of elves was
defending a strong hold agains a far bigger orc force. I was expecting
a fighting withdrawal as elves had a prisoner they should have escorted to safety.
In the end the elves failed to do that and were pretty much slaughtered.

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  1. Looked like a lot of fun. Makes me regret selling all my epic 40k models. Congratulations on the event!

  2. Thank you Mark! It was a small scale event but we had a lot of fun. I´d never played st edition AT before and I have to say I liked it a lot. Sort of tempted to dig out my epic scale space marines...