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Animal handlers in 3rd ed. WFB: Hobgoblin Hobhound Handlers

This part of ´Animal handlers in 3rd ed. WFB´ -series of articles is about Hobgoblin Hobhound Handlers. It discusses rules, models, tacktics, pictures, links, pro´s and con´s and everything related to Hobgoblin animal handlers. Please click here to find the other arcticles.

As we see a hobgoblin mercanary contingent can have 0-6 hobhound handlers. And with unit size of 1-4 handlers each with 2-6 hobhounds you can field from 2-6 handler team. Smallest team would have one handlers with two hounds. The biggest one could have four handlers and 24 hounds.

Good thing about hobgoblin handlers is the T4 which gives some resilience vs. missiles. On the bad side is the poor Ld, Int, Cl and WP line. You can´t expect them to keep their cool in a stresfull situation.

Dark elves, Chaos and Orcs & Goblins can employ hobgoblin mercenaries as per WFB: Armies. 

Hobhounds and a houndmaster model from 1987 flyer.

C27 preslotta set of hounds and a handler was produced by Citadel in the early /mid 80´s. A single handler costs about 12€ in ebay. Hounds can be aquired for about 18€/piece. If you are looking for the models in ebay you should search for C36 in stead of C27 to get the right results.

Somewhere the Tea´s getting cold brings us this C27/36 handler and his hounds.
Check out that blog for those alternative handlers!

There are some good alternatives for houndmaster available in the C36 series and DL2 deluxe boxed set. In the latter the is one who´s even named houndmaster. Those guys seem to sell for just under 10€/model in ebay.

 C36 hobgoblin, C36 discipline master and a DL2 houndmaster.

LM´s hobhound pack and their DL2 houndmaster.

Greenskin Wars has a nice range of hobgoblins available including a houndmaster. Check out their facebook site for the whole series.

A Greenskin Wars hobgoblin handler by Diego Serrate.


 WFB rulebook tells us that hobhounds are riding animals but again there has been a change of mind in GW and WFB: Armies has them only as pack animals. A hobgoblin mercenary contingent does not include any mounted troops. Only the contingent commander can have a mount but his only choise for one is a temple dog.

Wether to use chaos attributes is in my opinion up to players and the GM. As no character will be mounted on a hobhound the 1 in 6 chance would perhaps be for each hobhound pack to see if they have those D3 dominant attributes.

LM´s hounds from another angle of view.


A hobhound pack can be difficultish to use. They have great movement, WS4 and 2 attacks. So you want to get them engaged. But they are vulnerable against missile fire. And with low psychology profile of the hobgoblin handlers you are likely to break if you have to make that panic test.

Perhaps setting up to a protected flank where missile fire can´t be concentratred agains the pack and going after skirmishers and warmachines could work. And if opportunity presents itself then taking on othervise engaged enemy unit´s flanks or rear. Again the base size works against usability a bit. You want to have a large pack for survivability but it can become somewhat unwieldy due to it´s size.

Another pack and handler by Thantsants.

 Good looking hounds and handlers
Unique to hobgoblins
WS4 and A2
Handler´s T4

Handler´s psychology profile
Vulnerability to missiles

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