perjantai 19. toukokuuta 2017

Dem olde wolfboyz

With the completion of this unit I now have roughly 600 points of O&G rank and file ready. An achievable goal for me could be 1000 points of rank and file by july because then I could field a 2000 point greenskin army. At the moment I´m looking for both trolls and black orcs as they would bring rank & file points up faster and with less paint job than boyz or gobbos.

Most of the models seen in this posting came to me from a Finnish net auction I won a couple of months back. I had a couple of wolves and riders before but that auction gave me enough to field a 10 strong unit. A couple of the wolves are not originally made to go with a rider but will do just fine in the mix. And I´m not completely sure if all the riders are real wolf boys. But they fit and I´m fine with that.

Front view of the unit. The leader in the middle of the front rank is riding a larger
wolf than the normal troopers. I think that one might be from one of the gobbo chariots
as it has some sort of harness around it´s body.

 From side. The trooper furthest to the left has a wolf that I think is a 
vicious giant wolf from BC2 monster starter set. The trooper was missing
his cleaver and got an axe replacement.

The trooper with spear and shield will become a standard brearer 
later when I get inspiration to paint a flag of some sort for him.

As next I will be working on a MD9 Goblin war chariot and a couple of fanatics. The chariot is missing a wheel and the scythes so I´m going to do some converting there.

My blog is now very close to hitting 20000 views. To celebrate that I will hand out something oldhammerish to one of my followers. So when the counter reaches 20000 I will draw a random winner from my followers and send him/her an oldhammer suprise!

´till next time!

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  1. Nice work. You are right in saying the middle wolf is from a chariot - specifically the gobbo wolf chariot box set citadel did. Works though so I wouldn't worry about it

  2. Thank you Nathan. I´m too lazy to go through SoL in search of each model.