tiistai 9. toukokuuta 2017

Oldschool gobbos

I´ve done a lot of blogging (at least on my scale) lately but managed to push my O&G army forward a bit too. A couple of these gobbos were ready about three weeks ago when I had completed a unit of orc arrer boyz. The rest have been done after that.

General view of the unit.

The unit is 20 strong including a banner to meet the troop minima for O&G as per WFB: Armies. I might expand it later as I have a couple of extra gobbos waiting. In 20 models there are perhaps 18 different sculpts which is nice. A lot of variety in this one. I really haven´t done any recearch on them but I think there are C12 goblins, Iron claws and Grom´s goblin guards there. Could be something else too.

Top view.

I´m always strugling with banners and shield and was very happy to choose a very simple desing for these guys. And as they are gobbos they are not known for their artistic skills and it doesn´t matter if their shield look like they´ve been painted by a five-year-old.

Front look from another angle. Put my favorite 
skulps in the front row.

As my orc boys are just in need of final highlights I can now say that I have a ´legal´ O&G army in my hands. Minimas on 20 boys, 20 arrer boys, 20 goblin arrers and 20 gobbos are met. But to be a playably army it still needs characters, more units, fanatics etc.

 With shield and light armor gobbos are worth 4 points. And still suck.

The next unit to be painted is a group of ten wolf riding gobbos and their steeds. All metal, all oldschool.

 Thumb selfie and a wolf boy.

7 kommenttia:

  1. Really nice looking unit of Gobbos, ready to turn and flee at the first sign of trouble :)

  2. Great looking Regiment of Goblins, it's always great to see old Goblins. Nice and simple shields and banner. Lovely Wolf Boy as well.

  3. Thank you Alex and Lee. Loved paitning these little chaps even if I do realize that their worth on battle field is... um... limited. I´m sort of disappointed if they don´t fall to animosity, take missile hits, panic and run to wilderness in their first battle.

  4. That is a great unit with just the right character for goblins!

  5. Thank you Hans! These old gobbos are a joy to paint.

  6. Yep they look great. And sometimes will surprise you (and themselves) and actually win a round of combat!

  7. Hi Knoffles! I really hope they do :D (but I´m sure not counting on that)