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Janarion´s Lament: Lessons learned

It´s been two weeks since the game and now I think it´s time to sum it up a bit. My army list was not on the actual battle report but I thought to publish it now.

General Janarion, LVL15 High elf hero
Light armor, shield, spear, longbow, hail arrow

Janarion´s merchant company
7 spearmen with light armor and shield
7 archers with light armor, shield and long bow
Standard bearer

Darcassan, LVL10 High elf hero
Heavy armor, two handed sword of strenght

Darcassan´s warriors
15 High elf warriors with heavy armor and two handed swords
Standard bearer

Wardancer troupe
5 Sea elf wardancers with two handed weapons

Marine bolt battery
Three man bolt thrower, crew with light armor

Thabioh the giant

The elven MVP goes perhaps to Darcassan and his warriors. They managed to beat the hammerers and slay dwarf general. They would have killed the remaining dwarf warriors too but we decided to end the game before that happened. On the other hand they failed to rescued Janarion when they became unformed of defeating the hammeres and trying to close on to the warriors.

Janarion´s merchant company performed as expected. They shot down some dwarves and prevented the dwarf warriors from helping their general. I think they did pretty well in close combat but as Darcassan failed to come to their aid they were eventually destroyed.

So close but so far. Janarion is cut down just before Darcassan can come to help.

I have mixed feeling for the wardancers. On the other hand they did wondeful job of threatening the dwarf warriors´ flank thus preventing them from helping their general. But being beaten by the quarrelers was not something that I expected. Fleeing off the table was just shameful.

Marine bolt battery killed three or four dwarves missing most of it´s shots. The rule book says that bolt throwers have a natural BS3. We discussed if the elves were allowed to use crewmen´s BS4 but agreed on following the rules as written in the book. Perhaps this is something we need a home rule on. How are other players dealing with this? BS3 or crew´s BS?

Thabioh came to field sober which was a good start to the battle. He advanced towards the hammerers and gave Darcassan time to do his flanking manouver. I could have maximized his potential by just swinging with his club. Instead I decided to use some of his more special attacks which led to him falling down and being of no use for one turn. Had he lasted just a round longer Darcassan would have been able to charge the hammerers in flank and Thabioh might have survived. But I think it was more fun this way.

Lessons learned:
- Close combat with high discipline troops is grinding. They just refuse to break. Next time we will be using the ´combat result affect break test´ -rule indroduced in 4th edition
- Flame cannon and flame throwers can be deadly but are very unreliable. Bring on more pyrotechnics.
- Even LD10 checks will be failed when you really need them to pass.
- WFB 3. edition battles are time consuming. Just 1200 points on side and no magic phase it took 3 hours to play.

The elves now have the dwarven war banner and we can be certain that the stunties want it back. The stage is set for a new and perhaps a bit larger battle...

p.s. Thanks to Gaj for coming up with the name for my battle report

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