maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2016

New projects

I´ve started collecting and painting new units for my high elf army. I´m trying to put together a unit of shore riders and a ship company. The former will propably have just five minis in the beginning and the other one will be ten strong. Here are my first attempts on an elf horse and a marine:

 The marine is an ME-32 Noldor deep elf variant and the horse is from the Elf6 line. I have six marines at the moment and looking for the missing four. Regarding the mounted archers I have five horses but only four riders. So if anyone has either marines or mounted archers to spare please contact me.

This is what WH: Armies book says about shore riders and ships companies:

 My shore riders will have bows and light armor in addition to normal equipment.
They will be worth 30 points each.
Ship company´s elves are going get shields and will be 14 points each.
I´ll propable have a LVL5 champion to lead them.

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