maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2020

Getting back on track with IG

 As mentioned I was suffering from something of a painters block. That was quickly remedied when I got lucky and scored a largeish job lot of 80´s IG. I had ran out of IG trooper models earlier and put that project to side. Now I´ll be able to put more squads on the table as in the job lot there´s material for few dozens of guardsmen.

The first ones that hit the painting table. Going to comple a support squad that was left unfinished earlier when I ran out of heavy weapons troopers´ right arm pieces.

My recipe for desert themed IG: Army Painted Desert Yellow base, Mournfang brown gaiters, pouches and straps, Black shoes, gloves and armor, Cadian Fleshstone for face and hands, Leadbelcher for all bits metal.

Wash with Agrax, platoon color to chest badge (yellow for support platoon). Armageddon dunes technical on base. And as last highlight jumpsuit with Kislev Flesh. Quick and easy. The grenadier on the right is the only completed one of these. Rest are in various phases of WIP.

Some really nice stuff in the job jot. Would love to expand my assault platoon with another squad. Just need to get some jump pack and chain sword first.

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