torstai 20. helmikuuta 2020

First commissar cadet

This might get expensive as I´m going to need a grand total of 10 commissar models to complete a RT era IG commissar training squad. For cadets I´m planning to use the models that don´t have medals or other decorations on them. One will be converted to act as a standard bearer. And will we be the leader ofcourse. Color scheme will be the same desert theme as for the rest of my IG force. I´m using blue hat tops and epaulets on cadets to seperate them from normal commissars.

Anyway, here´s the first example.

 Placed him infront of a very wip rhino. Those blue details give him a NKVDish look, don´t they.
I´m off to winter vacation so next update will be in march.

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  1. Lovely...and such a great idea. Hope it doesnt break the wallet. ;)

    1. Thank you! I don´t think I´m buing all the eight needed at the sametime :D

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