maanantai 10. helmikuuta 2020

A few greenskins

Felt like needing a break from space elfs and fouond myself a few goblins to paint. I´m always looking to expand my gobbo infantry horde and wolf riders are an absolute must for any 3rd edition O&G army. Suprisingly good troops for goblins.

 This has to be one of the crudest goblin sculpts that I have. Very little details on a very small model.

 These guys on the other hand a pretty nice ones. For both I used some contrast paints but ended up finishing the paint job with regular paints. Really like that musician with the twisted horn.

 Two wolf riders in front of Fogou models farmhouse I got from supporting their kickstarter. Nice piece that will go well with my desert themed IG. Need to be painted though.

Very different riders. The closer one is bigger hand has good details. The spear armed one is small, ugly and has not much details.

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