keskiviikko 2. tammikuuta 2019

50 000 views!

Feeling happy as the looney below - Vanhaa Vasarointia blog vent past the 50 000 views  yesterday. I know it´s not much compared to some of the BIG names in Oldhammer scene like Orlygg, Thantsants, Goblin Lee, Willmark and Blue in VT just to mention a few of my favorites. In any case I´m pretty proud of myself for being able to get those views. And a growing group of followers. For a non-native-english speaker/writer with very mediocre painting skills it means a lot.
The fanatic above is the 2nd model I painted this year. The first one was an eldar who will appear here later when I get a couple of his mates done. This green skin goes By the name of Zoglod Ballrider and comes from C12 Goblins & Fanatics series. The sculpts is By Kev Adams and is among the best fanatic models around in my opinion.

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