perjantai 30. maaliskuuta 2018

Garden Warriors

Gnowember is far ahead yet I want to share with you a small group of gnomes I´ve painted over the last couple of days. These chaps came to me from Creatures Underground: Gnomes! kickstarter that I backed. After showing the first painted one of these to my mates it was Traject0ry who named him garden warrior and that name sort of stuck.

The kickstarter ran 16-28th feb and I got my share in my opinion really fast. I chose two five gnome sets so that they could be used as a 10 gnome strong unit some day. I´m not a stunty player but I think I could do a scenario where gnomes would fit in.

The short bunch - all five sculpts of it. These guys aren´t the tallest as even a pre slotta fanatic matches their height.

Two half-pick armed gnomes. These are propably my favorite svulpts of the patch.

Another half-pick, sword and an axe. The axe armed gnome has a sort of Friar Tuck wibe in it. There will be another round of gnomes coming from Krakon games and that should include an infantry command group. Planning on backing that one too.

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