tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2018

Green brothers in Chaos

Bought a few pre slotta goblins a couple of weeks ago from Oldhammer forums´ Trading subforum. I was mostly looking for fanatics of which I got three. Then I noticed a chaos goblin shaman and another one that looked like pretty normal goblin to me in the picture. It turned out to be a chaos goblin mutant. One of the fanatics has been seen here with my gnomes and now it´s time to present the chaos goblin duo.

C27 Chaos Goblin mutants Plague and Spiky Shaman. As seen in Aug 1984 flyer.

That´s a lot of warts/pimples on the gobbo. Quite a mad look on that shaman´s face. 

Side view of both mutants. My shaman has only one spike on his back. There is a version with three spikes too. And I´ve seen one with hand pointing straight up and with some hair of his/her head but that could have been a conversion.

Plague will fill a spot in ever groving gobbo unit. And spiky shaman gets to be... well... a shaman. Before him I had only one orc shaman and Spiky comes in very handy.

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