maanantai 12. maaliskuuta 2018

It´s a legal unit

Slow but steady progress continues. Five boar boyz count as a legal unit as per WFB: Armies and that´s pretty much everything that I´ve been able to put paint on since last posting. Realizing five is too small a unit to be really usefull I´m aiming for eight in the near future. I do have two models more but looking to get a musician too.

I general I´m pretty pleased with these. The shields are quite hideous. I tried free hand but the result was so terrible that even I couldn´t stand it. Then I took the easy way out and used some transfers.

 This guy is actually a big ´un who had his slotta tab clipped and legs bent a bit to fit a boar back better. As you see the banner pole is not staright but I let it be like that cause in my opinion it´s more orcy the way it is now.

 Two citadel boar boyz and the worst sculpt of the bunch - Marauder boar mounted general. The panzer boar is pretty nice but the general himself lacks the character the citadel ones have.

Here´s the whole unit. It will be a lot more effective when they get the second rank. But that may take some time with my present painting pace.

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