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The greeny vs. The skweeky

Yesterday I had a chance to play for the very first time with the new O&G army I've been painting. Just a normal pitched battle vs. LM's skaven with 2000 point limit. I didn't have much choise of troops as I have just a tad over 1000 points of rank & file ready.

We used full deployment rules and as I had my wolfboys as an advance force I was able to make the skaven set up first. It also allowed me to designate a flanking force. 

All pictures by me and LM.
The situation after scouting moves and skaven turn 1. The skaven line from bottom to top: beastmasters with giant rats, ally chaos dwarf mortar, clanrats, a jezzail, slaves, clanrats, slaves, ally chaos dwarfs, behind trees a jezzail, stormvermins and scouts.

On the top right behind the trees is the main orc unit of 28 boyz. On the other side of that forest is the orc general and his three troll bodyguards. The light green area marks the orc baggage train. Next the the yellow field is unit of goblin stickas. Then in thin line orc arrer boyz and in deep formation gobbos. Another unit of orc arrers and a goblin chariot are just outside of this picture.

Here´s the end on the long goblinoid line with chariot and arrers facing the giant rats. My mecrenary giant and a orc shaman were sent to flanking action. They would enter on turn 3 from skaven right flank. My plan was to try to hold the center with a weak force and try to crush the flanks with my main units.

 First combat occurred between the goblin wolfboys and stormvermin. I charged with the wolves as I didn´t want them to be shot to pieces by that jezzail and skaven scouts. I also wanted to give time for my orc boyz and general and his trolls to ove in. Gobbos lasted for several rounds though being pushed back multiple times and not winning a round of combat.

To my suprise the skaven center didn´t push hard in the beginning. Only the chaos dwarfs moved forward to counter my boyz and trolls.

The chaos dwarf mortar managed to score a direct hit on gobbos killing 5 and forcing a panic test but the brave gobbos held on.

Gobbos before being mortared.

Gobbos after being mortared.

On the orc far left goblin chariot charged the giant rats and their handlers and managed to push them back.

On my turn 3 the flanking force entered the battle. Mercenary giant stayed loyal to the orcs and was now threatening the skaven right flank. Orc shaman cast a mystic mist on the mortar and the closest skaven clan rat unit.

Around turn 4 our centers started closing on each other. A total of two plague cencer bearers and two fanatics were released clogging the battle field effectively. The cencer bearers decimated 12 goblin stickas and the rest did the only reasonable thing and fled the field. My fanatics fell short of their target but were blocking the slaves pretty effectively.

Goblin stickas after being hit thrice by cencer bearers.

On turn five everything went terribly for the orcs. First both my fanatics died by rolling snake eyes. Then the wolfriders who had fought the stormvermin for so long finally broke. And because of that the boyz mob panicked. Just when everything would have been ready for them to charge the skaven. Then skaven scouts managed to sling shot down a troll and the orc general broke. My right flank vanished in seconds.

At that point more than half of my troops in points value were either killed or running and that was the break point we had agreed on. Orcs and goblin fled the field. The skaven were victorious.

Thank you LM for a good game once again. I´ll be back!


This was my first time playing 3rd edition WFB with green skins and I learned a lot.

- Goblins are not as bad as you would think
- Orc arrers are pretty useless as missile troops, I´ll use
them as bow wielding boyz in the future
-  I sould have contested the center with my best troops,
it takes a way too much time to march from the flanks
to get to where the action is
- Don´t expect your orcs to manouver like elves

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  1. Great report. You have it completely right with the arrer boys. Think of them as another block of boyz with bows. Deploying on a hill will help you shoot with more ranks if needed.
    If you find a copy, white dwarf 123 has one of the first battle reports they did. 3rd edition Orcs and Goblins vs Chaos. Really good read and the goblin stikkas did really well in that report! I've got a couple of photos of it on my blog (I mainly write about 8th rather than oldhammer but one of my regular opponents has some amazing oldhammer Warriors of Chaos).

  2. Just a small correction to my army. The skaven with halberds were Black Skaven Clanrats, not Stormvermin.

    I agree that you should've gone for the centre. There was an intimidating amount of bodies there (around 150), but they were just clanrats and slaves. All my good stuff was on my left (black skaven, gutter runners and chaos dwarfs), although the chaos dwarfs could've supported also the centre. My right flank was just giants rats meant to distract and draw any pursuers as far away as possible.

    1. Thank you for correction. Didn´t make too many notes and my memory failed me there.

  3. Hi Knoffles. I´m glad you liked it. I think I have the WD123 lurking around somewhere. I do remember reading that battle report... And a nice blog that one you are writing.