maanantai 3. heinäkuuta 2017

Hell on two wheels

Well - not exactly. Just a goblin wolf chariot I finished a few days ago. I´ve been very busy painting my O&G army as we are playing in two weeks and want to get everything needed ready. I´ll be GM:ing a three palyer scenario with orcs, dwarfs and goblins and we´ll have at least one pitched battle with 2000 point armies. That will be skaven vs. O&G so we are expecting to see a lot of running away and all sorts of cowardise. And if we have time I´m hoping to face the dwarfs too.

The chariot completed is a MD9 Goblin war chariot. The original paint job is pretty flamboyant and in my opinion too neat for goblins so I took another approach to subject. I tried to get it look like old dry wood that has been out for long and discolored. For some reason I had a viking ship in my mind. Perhaps it was the idol on the joke what caused that image.

The model I have was missing one of the wheel scythes so I replaced both wheels with plastic ones from a 90´s high elf chariot and made new blades from plastic goblin spear points. I didn´t like the shaman crew gobbo and used an arrer instead. The standard pole was left out mainly because I suck at painting banners.

The wheel on this side is listing a bit as it was fixed with some green stuff and I wasn´t careful enough with securing it´s position when drying. After all I´m not too sad about it. It´s gobbos - their equipment should look like it´s been put together by a five-year-old.

Finally a top view as I wanted to show you the river sections used in these pictures. Those are from Oakbound studios and are designed by Fimm McCool. Very good quality pieces of scenery.

Now I just need to finish one troll and that will take my O&G rank & file point value well above 1000 points. Four days to do that - I think I can make it.

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  1. Love it, this was my second OnG chariot. The first was the Goblin King's Chariot (probably showing my age!)

  2. Hi Knoffles! I wasn't into green skins back in the days of goblin king chariot but do remember seeing it in the local game store. A nice model that one too.