lauantai 8. heinäkuuta 2017

Troll trio and lottery draw

I´ve reached my goal. I have 1043 points of rank file orcs & goblins done which means I can now field 2000 points of green skins. Some of the boyz will need some highlighting in the future but they are in a playable state now and I´m fine with that. As I´m leaving for my son´s finnish baseball summer camp tomorrow I won´t be able to paint anything before the games I´ve agreed to have with a couple of my friends.

Here are the three trolls that eventually took me over that 1000 point treshold. I went with green skins and brown leathery clothes for everyone as I dared not to experiment as my deadline was pressing on.

The one on the left is a Marauder MM40/1. His weapon hand has been slightly repositioned be his previous owner. I liked the more dynamic pose and left it as it was. In the middle is a classic C20 trolls Shakined Bone Bender. Big ears, lots of nice details. Really like that one.

The troll furthest to the right is an unreleased Marauder troll again with a repositioned arm. As with the MM40/1 I felt that the change was for better a left it be. He has a lot of warts, perhaps a bit too many for my taste. And I´m not sure what to think about the snot coming from his nose.


A couple of weeks ago I promised a lottery draw between my readers when I hit 20 000 views. I finally got that lottery done and the lucky winner is: Tim Edwards. Tim - please sound. You will receive a suprise Oldhammer package in near future.

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  1. These are lovely old figs and your use of green really compliments each model and helps them form a unit. Great stuff mate. Gotta love the big 'uns.

  2. Thank you Orlygg. I really apprecite your comment. Your blog is a HUGE inspiriration to me.