lauantai 8. heinäkuuta 2017

Troll trio and lottery draw

I´ve reached my goal. I have 1043 points of rank file orcs & goblins done which means I can now field 2000 points of green skins. Some of the boyz will need some highlighting in the future but they are in a playable state now and I´m fine with that. As I´m leaving for my son´s finnish baseball summer camp tomorrow I won´t be able to paint anything before the games I´ve agreed to have with a couple of my friends.

Here are the three trolls that eventually took me over that 1000 point treshold. I went with green skins and brown leathery clothes for everyone as I dared not to experiment as my deadline was pressing on.

The one on the left is a Marauder MM40/1. His weapon hand has been slightly repositioned be his previous owner. I liked the more dynamic pose and left it as it was. In the middle is a classic C20 trolls Shakined Bone Bender. Big ears, lots of nice details. Really like that one.

The troll furthest to the right is an unreleased Marauder troll again with a repositioned arm. As with the MM40/1 I felt that the change was for better a left it be. He has a lot of warts, perhaps a bit too many for my taste. And I´m not sure what to think about the snot coming from his nose.


A couple of weeks ago I promised a lottery draw between my readers when I hit 20 000 views. I finally got that lottery done and the lucky winner is: Tim Edwards. Tim - please sound. You will receive a suprise Oldhammer package in near future.

4 kommenttia:

  1. These are lovely old figs and your use of green really compliments each model and helps them form a unit. Great stuff mate. Gotta love the big 'uns.

  2. Thank you Orlygg. I really apprecite your comment. Your blog is a HUGE inspiriration to me.

  3. Good trio. Would love to plop these down in front of a few player characters and let the players contemplate TPK.

    1. Hi northierthanthou! Good to hear that you like them. The trolls are actually five strong now as two more have been painted after this trio. Perhaps I should take a new group photo one day. Oh.. And I have another C20 Troll coming in from a resent ebay win.