lauantai 3. syyskuuta 2016

Elf baggage train WIP part 3

A quick update on my high elf baggage train. All the characters are completed now and next I´m going to take care of wagons/carts. And the base/moving tray thing for the whole camp. But here´s a group photo of everyone:

From left to right. An elf horse and a merchant couple. They are a pre slotta mage and a female thief. In the middle six minis from Keyhole miniatures elf villagers series. And on the far right a wardancer and an artists.

A closer look at the merchant couple. The male figure is oroginally posed to look like he is casting a spell but I tried to me it seem like he is pulling the horse from it´s reins. The female thief was slightly reposed to make it look like she is helping her husband with the horse.

This is perhaps my favourite part of the whole group of camp followers. I wanted to include the wounded wardancer but his expression and pose are so aggressive that he seemed a little bit out of space among the civilians. Then I say this artist mini and came up with the idea that the wardancer is modeling for the painter. So now I have Thom of Elfland starting his latest painting The Wounded Wardancer.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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