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Dark elf army - a joint effort

So it´s yet another work in progress posting. Perhaps I´ll get something completed one of these days and get to write about that.

Having spent last few months mostly painting my high elves I have to admit that I'm pretty fed up with them. I will complete that WIP baggage train but after that I think I'm going to set those high elves to side for some time.

Traject0ry is an old friend of mine who is VERY experienced wargamer. I'm very happy to have been able to get him hooked into oldhammer. Traj has played a lot of WFB 4./5. ed. with his dark elf army so I came up with an idea that we could start collecting and painting one for 3rd ed. together. TL the dwarf general promised to help with painting so we decided to set goal for next december. By Christmas time we would have a playable dark elf force ready.

I did have some C09 dark elf minis and a few Marauder crossbow darkies. TL took the witch elves, warriors were sent to Traj and I was left with the crossbows. Traj wanted to include scouts to the force but we all agreed that the Marauder dark elf scouts are pretty hideous. Because of that Traj acquired some elf warriors that would proxy as shadows.

Command group and a trooper by me. The troopers of this unit were missing the bow part of their repeating crossbows so I did this crude conversion to normal crossbows using plastic bits. And I will change his base to one with no flock as we agreed on using glued sand and green paint. This will be a ten elf strong unit when completed.  I have another unit with C09 models to be painted later.

 Some witch elves by TL. This will be a ten elf strong unit too.

WIP dark elf warriors by Traj. Part of the first unit of 20.

Scouts waiting to be painted. These are elf warriors that will be painted dark elf style.
Some of them have been slightly converted by replacing their original weapons with swords.

Perhaps it won´t be the most uniform dark elf army you have seen but we are having fun building it. We three live hundreds of kilometers apart but it´s almost daily that we discuss using watsapp.

Traj has been writing a colorful background for this army and with this posting I´m inviting him to act as a visiting author for this blog. Hoping to hear from you soon Traj!

p.s. If someone happens to have a C09 beast handler or two I would very much like to buy them...

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  1. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  2. Glad to be on, am hardly worth the praise though. Four more boys, Mengil and 19 shields to go before the Manhides are done. Only 3+1 done of the warriors (of which most are currently being shipped from UK) and haven't started the shadows yet. Am sort of saving them for later as they will be the apple of my eye in this project. I'll provide some decent pics of ny work later.

    (repost to put some sense to it...)