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Deathshade Kyosti´s Quarrelers

A few weeks ago I wrote about a joint effort to get a dark elf army painted by next Christmas. I´m happy to tell that my first contribution to the case is a crossbow dark elf unit Deathshade Kyosti´s Quarrelers. The unit is made up of a level 5 dark elf champion Kyosti, a banner bearer, a musician and seven troopers. Everyone has the standard equipment for a crossbow dark elf i.e. a normal crossbow and light armor. That means that the unit as such is worth 196 points.

I haven´t painted that many dark elves before these. I think that the last ones were some Blood Bowl players back in the 90´s. Perhaps I´ll go through my boxes and see if I can find one of those.

Kyosti´s quarrelers - the command group is 80´s Citadel but 
the troopersare 90´s Marauder. The troopers were missing the clips for their
repeating crossbows and were converted to non-repeating ones.

Deathshade Kyosti himself and his command group. 
Very characteristic models all three. Could still add a flag to the pole
but IMO it works without too.

This is from the WFB: Armies book. Make sure you check out this
great posting by Goblin Lee about the dark elf army list.

I´ve started painting the next crossbow unit as we need at least 20 crossbow dark elves. The colour scheme will be a bit less bright for that one. And no Marauder darkies there - only 80´s Citadel.

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