keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2016

Baggage train - Finally completed

My high elf baggage train has been in WIP status for some time but today I finally had chance to finish it. The main reason for not getting it ready earlier was me not being satisfied with the wagon I had planned to use. It was just too big compared to smallish 80´s elves. So I went back to ebay and got one that in my opinion looks better.

So here is everyone - ten elves, two carts and a horse plus some supplies. The base is some grass mat mounted on cardboard. There´s a sheet of "rubber steel" just undet the grass mat and every mini has a small magnet on the bottom to make them stand better. The base is 6"x8" to match the size of a 2000 point army´s baggage train.

Two elf ladies and a minstrel. They are from the Turnkey Miniatures´ elf villagers set.

An artist and his model. The artist is from Marauder´s MM62 series and his model is a Citadel ELF5 wounded wardancer.

The merchant couple. The male in the foreground is pre slotta C08 high elf wizard and his wife a pre slotta C08 high elf thief. They are walking their horse away from the supply cart.

Another cart and some supplies. The elves are again from the Turnkey Miniatures´ elf villagers set.

As far as I know this is the only completed high elf baggage train around the internet at the moment. Please let me know if there is another somewhere.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Nice! I think its great how you're telling a story with it.

  2. Lovely work! It's got me inspired to do my own baggage train for the 1000 point wood elf force I'm painting at the moment.

  3. Thank you Fin and Omar! And Omar please send me a link or a picture of yours when you get it completed.