perjantai 3. kesäkuuta 2016

Six months

Hello everybody!

This blog has now been running for six months and I´m pretty pleased with how it´s been doing. Writing this it has had 2849 views and has 5 followers. I´ve written 34 entries this included and by far the most polular has been the battle report from the game between my high elves and my friend´s dwarfs. Switching to writing in english brought much more views than just keeping the blog to finnish readers.

So what next? This so far six months long journey back to 3rd edition WFB has been a fruitfull one. I´ve found wonderful blogs and met fellow oldhammerers online. Just one game played so far but two has been arranged for next july. I have a lot of things on my to-be-painted list and after adding so more elements to my high elf force I intend to start building an orc army. I have a busy summer coming up but I try to keep updating my blog at least twice a month. By the time this blog is 1 year old I´d like to have reached 10000 views mark and have doubled the number of followers.

The picture is pretty bad but here´s how my high elf army look today:

Some scouts, a bolt thrower, ship company, guards and wardancers in the front. Merchant company,
shore riders, a spectre and a wizard on the back. Hoping to add some archers in near future.

I´m working on a second bolt thrower that will give some more hard
hitting long range firepower to the army. 

Painting the second bolt thrower I noticed a small difference between the models.
I don´t know if the one on the left is a miscast or if the ornament has been filed down by
the previous owner. Or if there really is two different versions of this machine.

Here´s a elf job lot I managed to grab from a finnish net auction. I´m hoping to get the chariot painted during
this summer but on my scale it´s a big model with a lot of paint work to do.

The guy from whom I bought the chariot threw in these nice gobbo wolfriders for no extra cost.
Now I just need to find some wolves for them to ride.

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