tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2016

2nd Bolt thrower

Finally managed to finish my second marine bolt battery. It´s been pretty busy with both work and with my sons hobbies so I´ve been strugling to fnd time for painting. Thankfully wife let´s me have my painting stuff speard out on a table and not making me put them away when I´m not using them. That means that if I can sometimes find just some 10 or 15 minutes of freetime I try to use it on minis. I know it´s not much but it´s enough to keep my projects going on. Even if the pace is slow.

I´ve sometimes wondered why the unit is called bolt battery when there is just one piece of artillery in it? Now that I have two machines they make up a section and if I could come up with another two then all four together would form a battery.

I´m going to mount the bolt thrower on a 50x50 base but I don´t have one at the moment. Now I´m one horse and it´s rider short of having my army ready for game agains dwarves on 8th july. I´ll be posting the army list and a group photo of the army before that.

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