keskiviikko 4. syyskuuta 2019

Ogryn squad with #paintabob participant

Now with the #paintabob challenge started I went ahead to finish this ogryn squad. The other four were completed earlier and some have been presented here before. Of the three Bob Olley ogryns I have I chose this one to be my #paintabob entrant.

 My #paintabob entrant. Black armor, desert camo pants, some metal for chain mail and codpiece.

 The first ogryn I painted. No codpiece in sight which is strange given it´s an Olley sculpt.

And there´s that codpiece again. This sergeant is one of my favourite Olleys. Really cool model.

Filling the ranks is this Marauder MM42/2 ogre with a Huge blade. 

Not exactly an oldhammer model but I wanted to have a standard bearer and felt that this chaps weapon tied him together with that Marauder model above.

And here´s the whole group together. Handsome chaps aren´t they :D

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