sunnuntai 29. syyskuuta 2019

How does one control a RT era IG Land Speeder?

There´s a strange little difference between the marine and IG Land Speeders of RT era.The marine driver seems to have both hands on controls while the rider is just riding along. And perhaps operating the weapon systems. But the IG crew is different. The driver has his right hand on a stick and the rider is using some sort of controls that looks like throttle with his left hand.

If we assume that a land speeder works like a light air craft then pitch and roll controlled with a stick. And speed/power with a throttle lever. In the marine speeder the logical set up could be that the pilot has the stick in his right hand and on the left side is the throttle. A pretty believable system.

But that IG speeder is a strange one. It would require one very skilled crew in my opinion to hand a system where one crew member controlls the stick and the other one the throttle.

And who uses those speeder weapons systems in that IG set up?

 Even the fluff pictures show that IG uses two pilots while for marines the driver has all the controlls. And that top weapon is clearly steerable.

Here´s my desert scheme IG land speeder. The crew has a Judge Dredd wibe with those big visors of theirs.

Not much painting this september. Let´s hope orctober will be better...

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  1. Based on the first black-and-white illustration, where the right-hand pilot and the speeder weapon are pointing in the same direction, could the right-hand pilot be the gunner and the left-hand pilot in charge of steering?

    1. Yes, that might be the situation there. But there still the question about what controls is the pilot using. If he controlls the direction with that stick what is used for height/speed controll?

    2. Faith in the Emperor, of course!
      Or maybe it just flies at a fixed height over terrain (like a hovercraft)? Speed, who knows. Degree of tilt forward?

  2. It's all make believe, trying to make sense of it will only give you a headache.

    Great build and PJ :)